Great-Shanghai's Underwater Quarry Hotel

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Extending 90 metres down into an abandoned quarry, the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a structure like no other. For more by The B1M subscribe now –

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Norway’s $47BN Coastal Highway –

Images courtesy of Atkins, Google Earth, the InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), Xinhua and JADE + QA.

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Great-Shanghai's Underwater Quarry Hotel
Great-Shanghai's Underwater Quarry Hotel
  1. Proud to say tht my mom was one of the architects

  2. it took 12 years to build this hotel

  3. They have determined to implement crazy ideas that work.

  4. SINO Hotel Complex Megapolise Game

  5. What a place to getaway to jc ❤️🌹

  6. These things exist also 😱🥴

    I know why we were still not knowing about this. It is bcz china has its own intranet.

  7. China is absolutely a new world.

  8. “I’d like a quiet room please.” The back of the hotel is very private.

  9. So the ground floor is at the top. Elevator buttons are labeled as such, now I know what negative numbers are for (besides my bank account).

  10. Rare and extraordinary engineering design.

  11. And the total cost for this was ???

  12. ก็เค้านิล่ะซื่ออคุณ (สายันต์ เกรียงไกร )
    《((KangkoK KakakodkoK ))》

  13. Interesting, thoughtful, gorgeous. Aroha.

  14. This is shit America used to do. Now “it costs too much” and “but will it work” permeates the culture. Everyone wants to be right and no one wants to problem solve

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