amazing-Holiday travelers among dozens killed in Taiwan train crash

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An express train filled with hundreds of holiday travelers crashed into a truck in Taiwan, killing dozens of people and injuring many more. Much of the train was stuck inside a tunnel, hindering rescue efforts. Lucy Craft reports.

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amazing-Holiday travelers among dozens killed in Taiwan train crash
amazing-Holiday travelers among dozens killed in Taiwan train crash
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  1. My condolences to the families. This is awful.

  2. It is not a HOLIDAY. It is the day people go back to mourn their dead relatives. Do your home work before reporting. It might become a fake news.

  3. Well I guess now they don't have to make multiple trips to pay their respect to the additional deceased family members

  4. Reply
    Warriors fan 303569 Dub nation April 2, 2021 at 6:35 pm

    Life can literally end any second, nobody can ever tell me life isn’t pointless

  5. How are you going to be SO disrespectful to show a dead man hanging in the wreckage @1:17 ? I pray his family doesn't see this!! Please take this part out!!

  6. This kinda reminds me of the final scene of final destination 3 😧😧😧

  7. 🙏🙏🙏

  8. I'm from Taiwan.
    So sad to know this tragedy.
    The news said that only six bodies could be recognized….

  9. must be work of ccp

  10. Reply
    ER. ERNAWATI. RADAR. ORARI. April 2, 2021 at 10:54 pm


  11. This is what happens when your government cut funds of public transport to buy weapons from foreign country

  12. My sincere and heart felt condolence to all affected by this incident and this type of crash could be avoided IF Taiwan railway systems adopts early warning system, such as widely and almost 100% utilized in Japan, so called ATS system. This system will automatically stops all approaching trains, locomotives and others as once some thing unusual, such as earthquake motion on the ground ,the railroad track or at some region, that the system will warn the trains of such tragedy and will transmit this information data immediately to all moving or approaching trains. Once the trains receive the warning, it will initiate stop mode. Japan learned from many past train wrecks, such as killed over 160 people in early 1960 in Tsurumi wreck on Tokaido line, as at that time, Japan did not have this ATS system. I am sure Taiwans' high speed train is equipped with ATS system, as Taiwan's high speed train is similar to Japan's Shinkansen type. By the way, good to hear Lucy Craft's voice as she appears on NHK as well as CBS, mainly reports from Tokyo, Japan.

  13. its time to blame China

  14. A driver leave his truck unattended and it slip down a cliff and run
    onto the track. The first emerging train car from the tunnel hit it and
    caused a massive derailment. This is an accident waiting to occur. This
    Taiwanese has very poor safety consideration/ potential hazard
    prevention record. In 2005, a Singapore Airline crashed and exploded
    killing 83 passengers after it hit a construction excavator left on a
    runway in the middle of the night during a flight take-off ( admist
    poor visibility and an imminent thunderstorm) at Tao Yuan airport.

  15. Reply
    Platonic Purple Panda April 3, 2021 at 2:13 am

    American news isn't talking about this or don't know. My parents were watching the Chinese news about this, the construction truck that slid onto the track was there for more than 70 MINUTES. No one reported the truck on the tracks for that long?!?

  16. Wow!!! Can you see what this is connected to and why it happened?

  17. Reply
    Johnny Zhai 青松 April 3, 2021 at 3:04 am

    Prayers from the Mainland

  18. 愿天堂不再有伤痛和悲伤。希望台湾的同胞们平安,也希望死者家属能走出悲痛。

    May there be no more hurt and sorrow in heaven. I hope that our compatriots in Taiwan are safe and that the families of the deceased can come out of their grief.

  19. This is the price Taiwan has to pay for trying to seek independence from China. I hope President Xi will use any force to unify Taiwan, including bombing and causing crash like this.

  20. a truck was on the rail.

  21. I’m a Taiwanese, on behalf of Taiwan, thank you for your concern

  22. Rip

  23. Reply
    식품영양학출신의_내맘대로레시피 April 3, 2021 at 11:09 am

    We pray for taiwan from korea

  24. Reply
    Firstand Last name April 3, 2021 at 11:43 am


  25. Taiwan people are so nice, I heard that the Food Panda delivery workers cut all there work and helped to deliver supplies

  26. 愿逝者安息

  27. Let's fasting and praying for all man kind I've started my fasting this morning Colo time I'm going until Monday night but if you'd can continue longer that's wonderful to our savior is on his way Amen

  28. Satan is eliminating us one by one. I think

  29. God bless all involved and their families from Korea


  31. chin country

  32. When they found all the evil did went back on there family’s smh

  33. First blocking world shipping by blocking Suez canal and now they crashed Train!!! Chinese shouldn't drive even bumper cars. Chinese caused accident but blame Japan. Why? Chinese crash cargo ship blame Japan. Why?

  34. Public safety record for Taiwan public transportation system is not good at all in the past. Not surprised such tragic event can happen again.

  35. See why high speed rail isn't a good idea , hopefully our railroad in the united states takes some notes and realizes that high speed rail isn't safe after seeing this accident.

  36. Turut berdukacita

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  38. In fact, many construction projects in Taiwan have the phenomenon of borrowing licenses, so there is a phenomenon that construction does not pay attention to work safety. Especially companies with political and business relations often use the relationship and reduce costs or give rebates to win public projects. I think this This is a long-standing gray area in Taiwan. If we can review and improve, maybe Taiwanese will be less harmed in the future.

  39. I am so sad because my teacher did not survive from this accident, and she was about to go to her dreams but she couldn’t 😔

  40. Can people stop saying "Haha karma for spreading the virus" or "Lol" its litteraly serious plus its not their fault if they spread the virus which they didnt spread the virus ! R.I.P also #StopAsianHate

  41. Lol.. third world level driving laws.. the government can only blame them selves..

  42. Reply
    CK124’s YouTube Channel of Unrecognized Talent April 8, 2021 at 10:53 pm

    The engine looks evil.

  43. 1:15 you can see one of the bodies. Top center of the screen.

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