amazing-Refrigerator Help Please?! – I'm Lost – Which Do I Get? Home Depot

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amazing-Refrigerator Help Please?! – I'm Lost – Which Do I Get? Home Depot
amazing-Refrigerator Help Please?! – I'm Lost – Which Do I Get? Home Depot
  1. I don't like the water dispensers. Filters are expensive and the lines always end up being an issue.

    I don't like the computerized options. They end up burning out after a few years and are obscenely expensive.

    I'm eyeballing a GE no options french door with sliding freezer on the bottom.

  2. I think LG makes a side by side fridge with the chest style freezer. The features that I love about it is that it doesn't have a traditional water dispenser, it has a Brita water filter pitcher that the fridge makes sure stays filled. The ice maker makes the small cubes like the Sonic ice.

  3. I'd go for the scratch and dent in the back. You can save 1/2 price!!!

  4. It has been a few years, but I sold appliances for Seras for 10 years and swear by models made by Whirlpool which include Kenmore (if you can find near you), Whirlpool, and Kitchenaide. I would steer clear of GE, of course, I sold in Southern California where it does get hot. The GE's are not designed to stay very cold if you do not air condition your house.

  5. I don’t have an opinion on the features, but beware of the drawers with handles that are hinged. I have a Samsung that the plastic hinge broke on the handle and since the handle is installed before the stainless skin is installed the only part Samsung has as a replacement is the entire drawer front.

    I have been toying with an idea to make a replacement hinge that would be a two part like a connecting rod cap to replace the hinge without removing the stainless skin.

  6. What don't like about today's frigs is electronics, those boards replaced can cost up to half what frig's cost.

  7. Go bosch, avoid Samsung

  8. Replaced our old GE which was great with a Samsung. Never, ever ever again will I buy a Samsung. Replaced that with the LG ThinQ one you showed at the start of your video. We have had it a little over a year and it has been awesome.

  9. Try to find one Made In the "USA" It will be Better Built.

  10. I have had a few fail so I spoke with some repair guys that work in the same building that I work in. Their biggest suggestion is do not buy one with Ice in the door. Only get the ice in the actual freezer. That will be your biggest fail point. The ones they suggested you actually have to open the door to get to the water. Less hassle in the long run. Something like the
    Model # LRFLC2706S at HD. Avoid Samsung refer…

  11. Stay away from Samsung. I’ve also had issues with fridgidaire. Whirlpool/Kenmore have been good to me.

  12. Do not, under any circumstance, buy Samdung! Otherwise you should be fine. Preferably you'd want something US or German made, but I think those are few and far between these days… There's also a bunch of videos on YT from repair techs telling you what to buy/what not to buy–might want to check those out if thinking about reliability.

  13. I would never buy a French door Model layout sucks and no freezer space unless you have spare freezer.

  14. When you get your new frig. in the house, maybe, you might want to tell the peanut gallery how it went? I did a new frig. from Best Buy two weeks ago, moved into a house that had an 11 year old frig. in it, I got 29 more years out of it before it showed signs of dying. Just sayin, the peanut gallery might get some tips and hints from you.

  15. I was just shopping for fridges, so you can benefit from my research:

    Based on reliability and service records, favor GE and Whirlpool, and AVOID LG/Samsung.

    Favor ice through the door rather than an ice maker built IN to the door.

  16. Don't get the LG…GE is the best but don't get in door ice/water…breaks down all the time!

  17. The fridge that was in my house when I bought it failed at 11 years it was i believe a Frigidaire. I about shit when I went to replace it. Went with a 26 Cu. Ft. GE side by side @ around $1400 ice maker in the freezer w door dispenser. If I get more than ten years out of it I'll be plesently supprised. Nothing is made as good it used to be.

  18. We have an LG model lmxs28626s it's 28 square feet. I think we paid around 2 grand for it. Anyways it's an inverter compressor, and it actually saved us money on our electric bill. Granted, what it replaced was an old frigedaire gallery edition refrigerator that was a beast until it died! We're really happy with ours. I will tell you that the thin q or smart ability is kinda useless. We played with it at first, but honestly, we don't need it. It's gimmicky at best. Anyways, good luck! 😊

  19. DO NOT GET A SAMSUNG. Great TV's but bad fridges. Ice maker freezes up. They have no fix.

  20. That Whirlpool looks like one we have at home

  21. I like the double doors and freezer draw below. Our next fridge will be like that

  22. We're not that far away from black Friday…

  23. LG fridges made in Korea without inverter compressors GE or if you want to go higher Bosch

  24. Plenty of content this week I love it

  25. LG had CLASSACTION Lawsuits filed on them over their failing Linear Inverter Compressors, Samsung uses the same type Compressor, Buyer beware, Learn the hard way like many others have, Some tecs refuse to work on them , LG needs to stick with TV'S & Washing machines along with dryers, Both our washer & dryer are 12 years old and never have had a service call, If anyone has been to the Freemont Street Experience in Las Vegas LG made that 4 block long ,curb to curb LED TV . Just don't by a Refrigerator, Google LG Compressor failures,Nuff said reading that …..

  26. I hate to say it but, I hear currently they are all trash. They really don't make them like the used to. Bens Appliances and Junk (someone who actually runs a used appliance store and connections in the industry, so has experience with more than 1 or 2 brands like most homeowners). There are some designs they are more challenged than others. Ice dispensers in the refrigerator section is worse than having it in the freezer. I know, shocking that frozen stuff in the freezing section is better than putting it in the non-freezing section. I don't like ice dispensers taking up fridge space. My favorite model is the Trio style with water dispenser IN the fridge compartment (not in the door) and the ice maker in the freezer. The location of the water dispenser seemed odd at first, but I really grew to appreciate its simplicity while preserving fridge space. I prefer simple no frills. A fancy fridge with shiny exterior, lights, computer screens, wifi connection, etc is no good if it can't keep my food cold/frozen in the proper compartments. This is very similar to my view on automobiles. I prefer my daily drivers to be simple, safe, comfortable and consistently work above all else.

  27. Never Samsung and never from Big box. Shop local. You'll be much happier in the end with the product you pick in the service you receive.

  28. My main concern with looking at similar models was operating noise. The LG brand kills it on that point. The research I did at the time did not show much difference in service life. I was a samsung user but after two premature fails two years apart I will not go there again. Cheers.

  29. Whichever one has a whisky spout!

  30. Personally never been a fan of the chest style freezers, I like the classic full length side by sides

  31. Personally never been a fan of the chest style freezers, I like the classic full length side by sides

  32. I've had 2 different LG fridges and the condensers both went out after less than 2 years each. As the appliance repair man said "never buy appliances made by a cell phone company." Now I stick with Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and GE. Bosch if you want a more luxury brand.

  33. Stay away from Samsung..They are trash..Bought one and it had issues after one day..Lowes came and picked it up and replaced with same model. Next day the Samsung had the same issue. Major frost build up in the freezer. Lowes picked it up and brought out a Whirlpool..Problem solved

  34. IMO modern appliances nowadays seems like choosing the best of the worst and spending a lot to do it too. Layout and size are what's important to me. From there I'll dig and see if that brand/model has issues. Funny thing is I'm more familiar with the commercial grade stuff that I'd almost rather buy a used Traulsen than a new Whirlpool but that wouldn't make the lady of the house very happy.😅

    I've dealt with the GE one you showed. Ended up pulling the RFID tag off the filter bypass plug and reapplying it inside the filter compartment in order to use the cheaper filters. There's a video on YT somewhere.

    I've also dealt with a Samsung with the dual Ice makers. Unsure if they have fixed the issues with the upper one leaking and freezing into a block.

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