Great-Ryobi Real vs Amazon Batteries #lifehacks #diy #construction #homedepot #amazon #ryobitools #power

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I know you have looked at these batteries on amazon and Ebay well now you get to see just how they perform compared to the genuine batteries. Are the results what you thought they would be? @RYOBITOOLSUSA #ebay

If you would like to check out the amazon batteries here is the link

Check out the real thing here!

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Great-Ryobi Real vs Amazon Batteries #lifehacks #diy #construction #homedepot #amazon #ryobitools #power
Great-Ryobi Real vs Amazon Batteries #lifehacks #diy #construction #homedepot #amazon #ryobitools #power
  1. I got 2 6Ah 18v aftermarket batteries and a dual charger for $59 on Amazon- 6 months & so far so good.😃

  2. Great guide and surprised by results definitely going to stick with the genuine.

  3. I guess the main question is use the batteries equally and try again in a couple of months?

  4. I have been using aftermarket batteries since I found them and they work great. Fans, lights, chargers/inverters you can't beat the 9ah prices. When you are paying a 3 to 1 ratio then you have to decide. Great video.

  5. Aftermarket is a way better deal. I always buy aftermarket batteries. Also, some people think if they buy the real Ryobi batteries that they are made in the USA. No, they are all made in China.

  6. Seems like they’re pretty equivalent to a legit 4ah, and I’ve got a DTO nearby so I’ll keep my cheap legit ones haha. Pretty nice for those without a DTO nearby I’d say though 🤷‍♂️

  7. you should open the battery up and compare the difference of made and what is inside

  8. There have been plenty of shows showing the knockoffs are junk. This is just a well known fact by now. They don’t last because they are shitty cells.

  9. I've had several of the 5ah aftermarket knock-off batteries for a few years now and there still going strong. At the time I purchased them, I got 2 for 60$ canadian roughly, and single authentic 4ah here was roughly 75$, so all in all, a great bang for buck! Also worth mentioning, I have a couple of Makita knock-offs from the same dealer (Powertree) for about two years now that are still performing great.

  10. I like money! Many of these batteries save and continue saving me lots of money. I use em everyday and they perform just as good as Home Depot's overpriced 💩!

  11. I have about 20 after market Amazon batteries from different brands. Ryobi 18 and 40, Dewalt flex 60, 20 and 12, Milwaukee 18 and 12, Skil 12 and Makita. None have failed. The thing they ALL have in common is the exaggerated AH ratings. I have no way to measure instantaneous AMPS output so can't speak to that. I have timed them all on fans and lights and can say without a doubt the rated AH is exaggerated.
    That said the batteries are typically 25%-40% cost and you are getting maybe 60%-80% of the performance. If you go into it knowing this then you won't be disappointed. I'm not a pro, simply diy so I'm not really risking anything either just for full disclosure.

  12. I have these batteries and they are great. I have dead ryobi batteries but no dead aftermarket ones.

  13. Excellent video as usual. I would be interested in seeing the insides of the batteries to get a comparison there as well.

  14. I know there are good aftermarket batteries, but, there's also a lot of rip-off batteries too. I've gotten genuine stack batteries from legitimate sellers for a fraction of the regular price so I don't mess with aftermarket.

  15. I bought 2x 40 volt 6Ah knock offs and they work great. Just as good as my regular 40 volt batteries. I've been cutting my grass with them for years. As far as the ones you have, they probably have 1 or so "not that good" cells.

  16. I always buy the amazon ones because they work just fine fine me (DIY) the Ryobi is crazy to expensive so I will big money all day long

  17. I feel like for high drain tools the OEM batteries are best. For low drain devices like the lights and Bluetooth speakers the aftermarket batteries are a great deal.

  18. would love to see a test with the 6ah genuine vs amazon for my ryobi compact radio thx

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