home depot-This Week: Home Depot, Target & Walmart Earnings – How Will Markets React?

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Here’s what is happening in the markets today, Monday, August 14
– Last week, the Nasdaq had its first two-week losing streak of the year
– More earnings this week from Home Depot (HD), Target (TGT) and Walmart (WMT)
– July retail sales data due Tuesday morning
– Wednesday: FOMC Meeting Minutes

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home depot-This Week: Home Depot, Target & Walmart Earnings – How Will Markets React?
home depot-This Week: Home Depot, Target & Walmart Earnings – How Will Markets React?
  1. Good to see Marcus back. Its like watching two friends discuss stock positions. Gud Gud Gud

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    1) What ever happened with your Ride trade? When did you eventually close it? How much of a loss did you realize? Any new lessons or rules implemented to keep from making that same mistake again?
    2) Have you considered giving the option to subscribe to powerX software? I just want to open a small account with a couple thousand dollars and try it out for 6-9 months and see if I really like it and am consistently profitable with it, then make a decision about forking over $4,000 to outright purchase it. Be nice if I could just pay a $100/month subscription or something while I use I test it out, then make a decision about whether to stop pursuing it or purchase it (I'd still be purchasing for the full price)

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  17. Mark and Markus, I need advice. I sold puts on dfs for 8/18, this Friday with $103 strike 1 contract. Right after I did this dfs fell to $92. Should I take assignment at $103 on Friday or roll the puts out for another week in hopes that the stock price improves by 8/25? Ex Div date is 8/23 for .70 dividend. Thanks!

  18. Sailing must be fun , I guess if you can sail well you can learn to trade, I’ve heard Humphrey Bogart once said, If you ever get to thinking there ain’t no God, just go sailing.

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