Great-Tyrese Gibson Sues Home Depot For Alleged Racial Profiling + More

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Great-Tyrese Gibson Sues Home Depot For Alleged Racial Profiling + More
Great-Tyrese Gibson Sues Home Depot For Alleged Racial Profiling + More
  1. Bye Cryrese 🤣🤣🤣😊

  2. You’ll need to make me a Mod on this channel thank you 😂

  3. My face and presence is my ID.
    What a d o p e

  4. Cashier was following protocol, to safeguard use of his credit card. Had it been abused and he was absent, he would be filing on THAT issue too I bet. He lacks integrity. This has nothing to do with race but protection of a credit card. Leave the cashier alone, she was doing her job and I commend her for her professionalism as he was yelling at her! Please give her a raise!

  5. You don't need ID when your checking out because you do it yaself

  6. Try Rees go sit down! She’s doing her job.

  7. Tyrese is a male Karen 😂😂😂

    Why don't he take it up with the ceo of home depot??? 😂😂

  8. I am glad he is suing because the Home Depot clerk was unpleasant and unprofessional.

  9. I guess Tyrese did not make any money from that crappy movie on Starz because he must be broke to sue Home Depot. If he really wanted to be effective, he should have just posted the event on all social media platforms and discouraged consumers away from the venue. Tyrese is a LOSER

  10. Tyrese needs an Alpha male to finish raising him.

  11. You would def get DESI BANKS as a co Host! This would change the game!

  12. Wasn’t racist @ all, Cryin race card, smh , give me a break, the girl was doing her job

  13. I watched the footage… he harassed that poor girl too 😂. I don't blame her! I ain't getting written up or fired for Tyrese's privileged behind. He's a millionaire! I'm not! Store policy is store policy!

  14. Tyrese is officially a Karen.
    Just as annoying if not worse.
    Go away please because body cares.

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