Great-1v1v1 Home Depot BUILD YOU OWN Fishing Lure CHALLENGE! (Big Fish!)

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The Home Depot build your own lure fishing lure challenge for biggest fish!

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Great-1v1v1 Home Depot BUILD YOU OWN Fishing Lure CHALLENGE! (Big Fish!)
Great-1v1v1 Home Depot BUILD YOU OWN Fishing Lure CHALLENGE! (Big Fish!)
  1. Hope you guys enjoy this 1 hour long episode!

  2. I think Norm is going to win


  4. Why does Yakpack gotta bounce it like that 🎉 1:11:17

  5. You guys think Trey has ever built anything?

  6. Longest 10 minutes ever lol

  7. Thats Googan Rods for ya right there.

  8. This is one awesome video!! Nice job guys!!

  9. I could honestly make a good 10 lures that would catch fish from home Depot it's sad how uncreative these kids are.

  10. 😂the way norm was running when he Hooked the fish he made sure he wasent losing that fish

  11. U guys gotta put a GoPro on these lures and then see who’s has the best action in the water

  12. What about fishing only with terminals. Think that'd be a doable but hard challenge

  13. You enspired me to get my first baitcaster

  14. 😂😂😂 unlucky Norm, welcome to carp fishing, 1 of the most popular types of fishing here in the UK. They are so difficult to control when you foul hook them, can’t turn that big old head so they just power on kicking with a massive paddle

  15. give him the teslea , and kfc

  16. When Trey said the Teflon tape was crap cause it wasn’t even sticky I died laughing, as a carpenter this video is hilarious

  17. Why is there only 3 1s in the title😢

  18. where tf did jason go

  19. Y’all’s tool handling skills are a bit questionable 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. I would build a bass pro shops and bought the crankbait. It's not that hard

  21. Your cracked at Fortnite my guy😂😂

  22. Mooooooooreeeeeee please 😭loved it

  23. 38:14 I don't think he knew there was a giant ant crawling on his chest. LOL

  24. Why is it every time a Karen sees some people having a good time, they always have to ruin it?

  25. Buy a spoon cut off the top and add a hook.

  26. I like the foam frog. I call it the “Twinkie Wiggler”.

  27. I'm guessing Norm wins, I'm nine months late.. but.. Lol

  28. Norm can I please get a shout out I love your yt vids keep doing what your doing

  29. Try the drill battery in the sander

  30. Yackpack will win bc I make those bates out of wood

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