home depot locations-Plant Shopping! 2 Locations! Variegated Alocasia at Home Depot? Chameleon ZZ! Herb Creek Rare Plants

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Today I took you on a plant shopping trip to two different locations! I went to Herb Creek Landscape Supply first and found some nice Rare Plants! Then I decided to go to Home Depot Next and I was not disappointed! They had so many good plants today. I found the new Chameleon ZZ plant as well as a variegated silver dragon Alocasia.

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home depot locations-Plant Shopping! 2 Locations! Variegated Alocasia at Home Depot? Chameleon ZZ! Herb Creek Rare Plants
home depot locations-Plant Shopping! 2 Locations! Variegated Alocasia at Home Depot? Chameleon ZZ! Herb Creek Rare Plants
  1. In the first shop I called a calathea an alocasia accidentally lol and at the end I meant to say keeping the soil too wet. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this shopping trip!

  2. Every time you ask us if you should get something, I'm yelling at the screen, "Yeeeesssss! " LOL!!! Because, you know, we're here to offer encouragement! 😀

  3. I love your shopping videos. I am so jealous as our Home Depot and Lowes don’t have the same indoor plants.

  4. All those stromanthe made me quiver. I just love these plants.

  5. That was a massive retusa!

  6. Very enjoyable plant shopping video! What a good selection your Home Depot has! Many thanks. Love the Chameleon ZZ plant you picked up. She’s perfect! I don’t need another plant or another ZZ but I would not have been able to pass that one up. 💕. Great job! 👌🪴🥰

  7. Philly has the worst plants at home depot and lowes I swear. Yours was awesome!!!

  8. Step away from the variegated dragon scale! Haha !

  9. Ooooooo I’m jealous….you found a ZZ Chameleon!
    I’m hoping to find 1 in my local “Big Box” Stores soon😊

  10. I think the cheamelian zz looks variegated.

  11. I loved the cacti pots!!! I wish I had a south facing window that would keep them happy 🥺

  12. Homalonema selby are very easy. They are thirsty plants though. The jewel orchid was Ludisia discolor.

  13. I am glad that you didn’t get the alocasia dragon scale plant . LOL

    The fact that it got spider mites makes me think that the leaves are damaged by mites, and started to turn yellow, and not variagated .

    Anyway, it was fun watching plants shopping with you, and I think the chameleon ZZ plant is a great buy 👍🙂

  14. I love those tall euphorbias for $20! I would have to buy them 🙂

  15. i’m starting to fall in love with syngoniums, and that batik was just chef kiss 🤌🏼

  16. These stores have such great plants!👍and the prices👍good luck with the ZZ

  17. I enjoyed your shopping video, I like seeing the plants available in your local stores and comparing to the selection in my local stores. Your stores win every time. I also like listening to your opinions and observations. The other day I saw an Alocasia Zebrina in my local (not box store) favorite plant shop that I am going to buy tomorrow. About 24” tall and very healthy looking and it was only $45 which I think is a good price. Can’t wait. Thanks.

  18. Homalomena purple sword I think.

  19. What!? Where are you located? My Home Depots don't even half of what you have. Love the Costa Farms display. I would have picked up a couple Chameleon ZZ.

  20. I recently read Costa will be adding Thai constellations to their tending Tropicals next year….with that said I'm hoping the price will drop on those. I just bought a tiny one for $60 😅

  21. Some of these plant sellers are ridiculous. The plants looked kind of beat up for those prices

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