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Find our professional tips and recommended tools for painting a ceiling in your home. Discover how a fresh coat of paint to a ceiling can brighten up the space and add a touch of warmth.
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Follow these steps when Painting a Ceiling:
0:00 How to Paint a Ceiling
0:10 Tools and Materials
0:24 Prep the Space
0:49 Put Down Drop Cloths
1:11 Tape Off the Walls
1:22 Prime the Ceiling
1:34 Paint the Ceiling
2:29 Add a Second Coat if Needed
2:40 Clean Up

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How to Paint a Ceiling | The Home Depot

Great-How to Paint a Ceiling | The Home Depot
Great-How to Paint a Ceiling | The Home Depot
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  1. When you cut you need to feather the edge. There are several good videos on how to do this. This Old House has a good one. Also, when peeling off the painter's tape, pull it back on itself, horizontal to the wall. If you pull it straight out perpendicular to the wall you risk pulling off the underlying paint. This is what happens when you have someone who doesn't know about painting do your instructional videos.

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