amazing-SINGLE DESPERATE Modern Women Are Looking For HUSBANDS At HOME DEPOT! | The Coffee Pod

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amazing-SINGLE DESPERATE Modern Women Are Looking For HUSBANDS At HOME DEPOT! | The Coffee Pod
amazing-SINGLE DESPERATE Modern Women Are Looking For HUSBANDS At HOME DEPOT! | The Coffee Pod
  1. Get 30% off your first box, plus a FREE gift, when you give Tiege Hanley a try at

  2. If your a woman on the right and you are looking for a good reliable man not scum, Learn to shoot a pistol, How many of the men will be miltery or cops or preppers and are not looking for a one night stand but a long-time partner/wife, After you have gone a few times the guy`s will start to talk to you and you can get to know them.

  3. 2:34 what?! I don’t understand this strategy. She just walked around and looked at people. Did she talk to anyone. What is the rest of this plan?

  4. I go to Home Depot and Lowe l never thought is place shopping for husband.

  5. Best buy and game stop are next!

  6. Dang the first vid was wholesome and the next was completely toxic

  7. These the same women that go to gyms looking for men then make videos that men are harassing them with all the all female gyms why they dont go to them is because they are seeking mail attention.

  8. Next the women going to do the same thing they do in the gym at home depot mark my word

  9. Bro, I love your content, but you gotta do that ad like somebody is not pointing a gun to your head and telling you to read the damn script.

  10. Isn't it creepy to go to a shop looking and hunting for man .
    It's a predator behavior

  11. Bro! PLEASE Tell me this is not true 🤯

  12. How ironic they are looking for the same men they rejected their whole life

  13. Lol, real worker boots are not cute..they seen wars!

  14. I don't think a man at home depot is looking for women with 6 inch fake nails and lip fillers. Can she cook and clean with those talons ? She's a headache for sure.

  15. I go to home Depot every single day to pick up supplies for my business. It's a great place for women to meet real Men. I appreciate the fact that these ladies are there looking for a average Joe.

  16. the last thing we need is for women to say they're being harassed now at home depot . yall took over the gyms , let the men have home depot , its their only safe haven .

  17. This is nothing new. You see this at HD a lot. It’s just social media that made it more known.

  18. Those women are operating on a next level of cringe.

  19. So is Home Depot the high value man and Lowe's the simp

  20. I’m so glad I’m ugly and poor

  21. The guys, who have money, won't be shopping at hardware stores. They simply hire contractors to do jobs for them at their homes. Maybe the women going into hardware stores, have their eyes on the contractors, because those men can and do make good livings.

  22. They went abroad to find good women

  23. regardless of whether this trend is fake , joking around , just for fun or single women are actually looking for single men some women have to understand that some men don't like to be filmed publicly they would much rather be in their privacy by themselves and not be filmed maybe that's why single woman who film men in stores is creepy and run away

  24. I'm a go to home Depot and take advantage of these 304s

  25. Home Depot is a great idea. Ladies, don’t get discouraged, society makes rules you follow. Ours is driven insane by communist attack, so you need to think for yourself to literally survive. If you’re talking to a guy with 1 ring, married. 0 rings single and 2 rings widowed. If you’re under 30 look for 0 or 2 rings. Over 30, 2 rings cause you don’t have time to mess around. 3+ rings is in the mob. But It’s no joke. 19 of 20 women who miss it wind up in terrible distress later in life. If he makes you laugh that’s all you need. 😉

  26. We are not interested babes. We have better things to do like build roads , houses ,infrastructure. Oh and make money and keep it .

  27. As a Traditional Man there's no way they ain't finding what they looking for,not even at Home Depot

  28. 1st of all, whatever happened to going to happy hour? 2nd, that final comment was epic.

  29. Expecting to find a man with a mask on…guud luck..

  30. Legion talk is demonic. Seek Jesus.

  31. I’ll pass on these women. I like working women. No long nails not a lot of makeup, and are they single? If they have one kid that’s ok. My first wife had a son who grew up calling me dad. It was great

  32. Hell No , ain't no female going to sign me up for a contract where I am expected to pay all of the bills.

  33. My thoughts, she´s very desperate. And yes men can smell desperate woman from a mile away stalking if she keeps staring.

  34. Well, I am married but I don't know how many women wanted something specific and were not willing to compromise. This was when I was in my 30's and very lonely. Now, I look back and the worry was really over nothing. While I changed for my wife and in many ways changed too, it is clear that if there is not give and take in a relationship-it will fail. We are not intimidated—just wary and tired of trying to please women who cannot be pleased. If you can't change- even just a little, then why should anyone bother. Sorry, but young men in their 20's become men in their 40's and they remember and reflect on their life and learn from past relationships. Remember boys aren't worth crying over—but men are worth crying over and a real man will never, ever make you cry.

  35. Remember boys aren't worth crying over—but men are worth crying over and a real man will never, ever make you cry.

  36. They're going to there to emasculate the rest of the masculine Men that are hiding from them and a manly place

  37. "The Phone screen is cracked so she belongs to the streets."

  38. First time seeing an American lady look for a blue collar man.

  39. The success rate for homedepot is high. Sometimes, I would swing by lowes just for some therapy and grab that magnetized hammer the neighbors got lol. A feminine type guy has told me that he would rather get his money up rather than go to a home improvement store, so that proves that those guys won't be in there. The problem sits at the on-line segs worker and sugar child's taking away the place we find peace.

  40. I also believe the current gender war will get alt worst before it gets better. It will take at least two generations to undo the damaged these feminist and current modern women have caused, I refuse to date or have any type of relationships im USA, I'm a passport bro with the priced of one entitled American woman I can three submissive women overseas. Good bye its not personal ladies is just business, don't hate the player, hate the game.

  41. Guys be like a plumber lay some pipe and get the F out of there

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