Great-Stealth Camping Behind Home Depot

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I found an amazing spot to do a little stealth camping for the night behind a Home Depot! I brought out the hammock of course, but there were no proper trees to hang it. I used the hammock and camped directly on the ground as a bivvy sack to keep the bugs away and it worked fairly well. The MRE didn’t work out too well because of an expired ration heater, but I did find some food in the area.

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Great-Stealth Camping Behind Home Depot
Great-Stealth Camping Behind Home Depot
  1. Is it illegal to camp in the woods in the USA? Why is he so afraid someone is going to find out?

  2. These videos are kind of pointless. But they sure are fun to watch!!!

  3. Do you ever have meet-ups with your fans? Does it just end up being a bunch of people aimlessly walking around in a group because they can't see you?

  4. for some reason Im expecting Bubbles to show up in the bushes with a bunch of shopping carts

  5. The mosquito sounds, elevated my immersion.

  6. Cheers 🍻 PBR 🇨🇦❤️🍻

  7. What is great in life? A cold beer, something to eat, and a random spot to put up a hammock…

  8. Canadian MREs have way more than American dang.

  9. Truckers won't bother or report you.

  10. Urban Les Stroud, awesome

  11. The hole in fence is the homeless doing nefarious things. Scope the cameras on the building, they have infra-red for night time, and are usually triggered by movements.

  12. Pot of hot water allows that food to taste better, heat water up place MRE in water let set on simmer, makes eating that cornbread absorbing the gravy so much better. usually we heat up the mash, meatballs than open packages and mix together taste better otherwise bland.

  13. Supposed to be stealth camping then proceeds to walk around back of home depot with all the cameras watching him pop out the woods

  14. i left my scooter at jew depot for 12 hours and it was tow lol

  15. Getting closer to an episode where Steve starts camping in his own lounge. If it wasn’t for Youtube this awesome guy would never have exposed people to some honest, authentic, and wholesome people. Stay safe out there Steve.

  16. More phony stage bulshit

  17. If you're ever in the corinth mississippi area, consider stealth camping behind arbys. Theres only one arbys in town & the woods behind it would be perfect

  18. One that has cross country hiked many times i call these places common ground….I would never stay there only if i had to just for one night….I'm sure cops have been there before.

  19. At least eat the Reeses pieces!!

  20. Steve love your content! Thanks for sharing 😊

  21. I've camped out behind a Home Depot in Logan, Utah back a few years ago and it was actually pretty well hidden from the main receiving doors. It was actually behind a dumpster wall next to a movie theatre but the overgrowth kept it will concealed. Hell, there was even a few sheets of wood that was laid down, as well.

  22. This seems like soo much fun!!! The fact that someone can do this full time and be able to make a good living is AMAZING TO ME

  23. 22:53 "One of those big camera's that's hanging on the side of the building"

    Ah yes, those surveillance camera's that have the same resolution as the gameboy camera and
    that's before you stick Mario's face onto everything known to man 🤣

  24. Are you worried about the Motel 6 spies? Motel 6 is just on the other side Dairy Queen.

  25. Another night, another stealthy video lol

  26. Bro is like I wanna sleep in my backyard x10 lol

  27. “Here we go… casually going for walk behind home depot.”

  28. You successfully penetrated Home Depot's backside. Congrats!

  29. @8:40
    The genuine happiness surprise expression when the truck moves lol lol

  30. Your love for camping and your love for fresh baked bread give me so much joy and entertainment! Love it

  31. Ah meatballs, at first i heard Meat Bubbles lol!

  32. Brrilliant ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  33. That’s where Bubbles gets his shopping carts

  34. How long you been using CGI in your videos Steve?

  35. 2 years late but Orange Pekoe is amazing tea!!!

  36. I'm officially ready to start doing this. I have everything I need, now I just need to work up the guts to go and be stealthy.

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