home depot locations-The History of Home Depot (More Drama than you can fit in a 5 gallon bucket)

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The History of Home Depot – Welcome back to another episode of our series exploring the history of the tools and stores we all love. Home Depot was at the forefront of the specialty big box store explosion. But I guess you had no idea how dramatic the birth of this retail giant really was.

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home depot locations-The History of Home Depot (More Drama than you can fit in a  5 gallon bucket)
home depot locations-The History of Home Depot (More Drama than you can fit in a 5 gallon bucket)
  1. Who should be featured next in our History Of series?

  2. So, do the Mexican Home Depots have Americans waiting near by to do short term labor? Kind of like an alternate universe.

  3. Met Bernie Marcus in 1979. He was in Management, thought he was the Owner of the Handy Dan's in North Long Beach. Every time I went there Bernie Marcus would always be there and always stopped to help my wife and I.

    When the wife and I found out about a small private owned company named HD was coming to California my wife decided to get a job there only to find out our Friend was the CEO. When he came to the California Store he recognized my wife and stopped to talk with her, much to the chagrin of pos sig shit. That guy would give my wife the evil eye. Nonetheless, whenever Bernie was in California he would make it a point to search out my wife to see how she was doing. I'll tell you the rest if you are interested Bear.

  4. I love husky…wow this was a story for the discovery channel

  5. Hey Bear, can you do a brief history on Klein Tools. I think your videos are great! Keep up everything you do!

  6. Excellent detail on your chronology – I worked PT for HD in 2000-01 and again 2018-19 after retiring – the culture was really different in the early days (Arthur/Bernie) where pros worked there and actually knew something about construction or their department. I was not around when Nardelli was in charge but he had a very bad reputation among people I knew who were there. My second/last time there I found the customers were just plain terrible – rude and demanding – heavy shoplifting problem in my store. Most employees were there for a job but some were very good – most did the minimum – some knew a bit about their department but the majority were just clerks. No good help / answers on the sales floor unless you went to a specialty department like paint or floor covering. I will still buy at HD but the only reason is the price – like HDX tools – as Harbor Freight is really strong on tool quality and pricing now. HD also spent a ton of money to develop their online (Amazon model) business and will emphasize that from now on. I see them going to smaller stores as a result on any new facility builds as online sales will make up the majority of their future sales, they can ship from a vendor warehouse without touching the product and they can cut the head count. Good video – keep up the great work.

  7. LoL… I got a home depot ad from YouTube when I clicked the video

  8. This would make a heck of a Netflix series!

  9. I mentioned in your video about why home depot is beating lowes and described exactly what you said in the end of this video. P.s. thanks for the shoutout on supplying your outro.

  10. Which do I like better, Home Depot or Lowe’s?…Ford, definitely Ford

  11. Paused it at 9:51 to make some food. Now I'm back to the bear essentials.

  12. Can you do brief history of Lowe's?

  13. I like home depot better but im going to whoever has the best price at the time.

  14. I prefer Lowes and shop local lumber as much as possible. Not a fan of HD

  15. home depot says extensively in their training that they do not want ANY associates to join a union, they will not tolerate it. and honestly when you work for a company like home depot a union is just a useless pain in the ass anyways, nobody even wants to join a union because it hurts more than it helps. home depot is open to demands from associates as long as the demands are with in reason and your OASM/SM and HR associates aren't a total assholes. they will approve raises upon request as long as you're not useless garbage, they will always give you requested time off as long as it's requested far enough in advance. they offer great benefits like discounts on insurance, phone bills, buying a car, buying a computer, prescription drugs, and many other things. they also offer dental, vision, full health coverage, 401k matched a 5%, stock discounts, and if you stay with the company long enough they will increase your pay by a stupid amount. there are people who are working there as normal on the floor associates but still make $30 an hour just because they have been with the company for so long. I have been there for just over 2 years I started at $10 an hour and now I make $16 an hour. and they discontinued it for a while but I think they brought it back where if you have been there for 10 years you get $5k cash and if you have been there for 20 years you get $10k cash and an extra $3k every year after that and that money is on top of you salary increase. if you're loyal to the company and do a good job they will greatly compensate you for it.

  16. this was very intresting The bear rocks . I also like your Harbor freight stuff .

  17. Just a word about my personal preference. I've always seen Lowes vs. HD as six of one and half a dozen of the other. I'd go wherever was most convenient. But about a month ago a good friend of mine died. His daughter works at the HD in Dallas, entry level, not management or any kind of high level employee. HD offered to pay her entire burial expenses. When she told them that her dad was a veteran and all the funeral costs were taken care of, they reimbursed her for all of her out-of-pocket expenses, including the hourly wages that she would have missed for taking care of the arrangements and going to the funeral. So, unless there is some serious and overwhelming reason to go somewhere else, I'll be in HD whenever they have something I need.

  18. interesting topic, so hard to listen to with the laughing typing conversation. had to stop after 10 minutes. thank you.

  19. Home Depot and Lowe's kill human Life's WORK.Abuser.Mafia.COCAIN,BASEBALL.CRIMINAL.Complice.Judge.Alex Ferrer and wife.Power corrupción Group's…. … CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL..

  20. Home depot be the bestest!

  21. circuit city, wut is that?? lol jk, pc richards replaced i think all circuit city here in nyc, wished i was born and living in those early years, best times when the US was booming, these computer/tech world is cool has it advantages but also has its disadvantages

  22. only a communist that hates America would have a problem with rewarding a CEO that cost everyone in the companies there job. I mean were all about firing people who screw up or hamburger but we need these loosers
    at the top.

  23. imagine you are owed for more than 40 hours of work or lots of money for materials because you are a supplier and your not getting paid but a ceo is. they say not putting the ceo first is communisms. I'm like no Coche senior building a refinery for Stalin is communism

  24. What a terrific study for a college business class! Have any picked up on this?

  25. You do not have to apologize to Jersey. They know they live in a shithole.

    I am from Philly. I lived in Jersey for 6 years before my family MERCIFULLY moved me away from the entire northeast corner of the country. When you think of Jersey, think California Communism without the surfers but with less attractive women.

  26. This story doesn't follow. He didn't like them because they were doing too well. Ok.

    In any case, in the end they seem to have done what they should have done in the first place. At 80%, it is his company and everyone else is along for the ride. If they way he runs it goes bad…the guy that owns 80% takes almost all of the hit. It seems like they wanted him to take all of the risk, while they made the decisions. That would have started a war with me too.

    If they didn't like what the 80% owners was doing…then they should have bought his 80% and done things their way. OR (and this is back to what they should have done in the first place), sell him your stake and go start your own…which you will get to run any way you see fit.

    I am sorry. I just cannot buy this story the way it is being presented.

  27. This is a great series. I would love to see you do something like this again. With all of your free time.

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