Great-Testing the BEST DRILLS at Home Depot: Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt, Ryobi, Ridgid

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I bought and tested the most expensive Ryobi, Ridgid, Makita, DeWalt and Milwaukee cordless drills that the Home Depot had to offer to see which ones were fastest, strongest and all around awesome. #powertools #diy #homeimprovement

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Great-Testing the BEST DRILLS at Home Depot: Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt, Ryobi, Ridgid
Great-Testing the BEST DRILLS at Home Depot: Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt, Ryobi, Ridgid
  1. Use my code LRN2DIY to get 20% off your Groove Life order by clicking this link:

  2. Einfach ne Bosch dann hat sichs

  3. If you start screw it from zero you can be screw it easy with gear 3 with beter rezult !!! You start screw stuck screw, its small fault 😊 thanks for video 10:45

  4. no matter which brand you have or prefer.
    IMO you should get an old school corded 1/2 inch drill and impact
    a. can get used some what cheap
    b. use them for that 10% of the hard or long use.
    this will incr. the life span of all you "smaller" tools by 3-5 times.
    example i have a thor 1/2 hp from like 1950. it still works 100% have done rail road tie walls, drill 3/8 by 18 inch for 150 to 300 rail road ties approx 500 18 inch holes.
    watched guys try and help while laughing at my 10 ib. monster drill, most fried their drill in 20 min.
    why corded?? because you do not do the extreme very often and a corded will last decades.
    older Milwaukee and porter cable corded do well,
    of course if you do this all day long and make big$$ just get a 40 volt kit for $700-1000 Mikita makes one.
    because cords do slow you down and time is $$ for a pro.
    rest of us can get corded backup tools for $200 and last 30 years.

  5. @10:01 I think it's a bit weird for festool to be ranked that fast since many of the screws did not go all the way through/down as the others, it was fast however it lacked the torque at that gear setting to completely set the screws

  6. I used to be a Dewalt guy until I found out Milwaukee existed

  7. I have a mix of Milwaukee for metal and automotive and DeWalt for wood working, i also like Festool for sanders and dust collection.

  8. The prices are a bit misleading since some of the tool prices (like the Milwaukee) do not include the battery. Would have been useful to include a battery cost

  9. I’m curious to know which dewalt drill you used and why you choose not to run either the flexvolt or power stack batteries with it for this test

  10. Should have been similar tools to get some point to this test, at least in ergo.

  11. i've worked with Makita before and they are common to brake (not the company i'm an electrician)

  12. That FESTOOL drill only cost twice as much as all the others because the FESTOOL comes with how many heads? Milwaukee is clearly the best and this was clearly a paid commercial with bad line reading. I could tell the exact moment that lines for FESTOOL (FOOLYOU) are read aloud.

  13. German anything costs twice as much for less. Go figure.

  14. On the brink of world war with China and Russia.
    Where will the Chinese sell all there products if they attack the USA ?

  15. Once you invest in a battery platform you probably need to stay with it, unless it fails you. That's why I committed to Makita many years ago. A $100 battery price is reason enough to stay put. Not every single Makita tool is the crème de la crème, but it is still excellent and will take every battery I own. Many of the tests are theoretical and don't have a huge effect on what you do in your trade.

  16. Milwaukee everything. Drills, saws, weed eater, blower etc… one battery platform, endless possibilities.

  17. I really think you did a great bench test on these drills, you were as unbiased as all could be. Surprisingly DeWalt was doing well I really didn't think the DeWalt was still well made. I just bought a flex small impact yesterday, May 31st 2023 and it's interesting their packaging says up to five years if you register, defaults at 3 years if you don't register? You had snapped an image of Lifetime on Flex tools? Is that incentive gone? Great Channel keep up the good work and remain non-bias and you should hit a million subscribers soon, might take a couple years but you'll hit it!

  18. Who cares there all built by the same company, only difference is the brand name.

  19. With the exception of not using an HP battery with the Ryobi, nice testing! The HP tools are meant to be used with HP batteries, so leaving it out kind of defeats the point of testing it for comparison.

  20. 12:07, did you have milwaukee in 2nd gear? Milwaukee probably would have been able to Handle it and this make the hole wayyy faster

  21. Used to use rigid only…switched to milwaukee about 10 years ago and never looked back. Its hard to find anything the milwaukee fuel system cannot handle. Great video!

  22. How can you say your test results are accurate when there is no jig or rig being used to apply the pressure behind each drill … did you wait a certain amount of time in between each test so you weren't getting more tired after each drill ? Anytime there is a human interaction involved its not accurate its just a guess I can appreciate the attempt but there's much better tests done on other channels such as seen on project farm channel

  23. Isn't lowes most expensive drill from Flex?

  24. I will be sticking to my Milwaukee thank you.

  25. I have found Rigid to be the best bang for the buck. They are very durable – Don't know how many times mine fllew out of my hads while I was on a Ladder and no damage!! The hammer drill doesn't have as much torque as I needed for countersinking into the hardibacker very well but it worked. Also the drywall countersinking adjustment isn't great but tolerable on Rigid. For drywall I would use Makita and for high torque applications I would get the Milwakee. General use definitely Rigid!!

  26. Ridgid Carrie’s their stronger model in store… what

  27. DeWalt makes an Atomic compact drill….maybe it is not the most expensive (what you bought), but those short length drills are agile and would probalby rank higher in comfort. Probably the same situation with Milwalkee. People are always ranking by power, but I think a lot more goes into what makes a good drill. If you get Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Makita you'll be happy with most of them.

  28. I'm just glad your showing Ryobi. For some reason other channels are afraid to put Ryobi products to the test.

  29. Why aren’t the tools made in America?

  30. Best and most complete review of this type I’ve seen. Very well done and helpful

  31. You didn't use a high performance battery with the Ryobi so you put it at a deficit compared to the other

  32. well looks like I have to switch Milwaukee and support vietnam

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