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Paint and primer in one? Sounds too good to be true. A product that eliminates the need for a primer? I wanted to take a look at the widely talked about Behr Premium Plus Paint and Primer In One, because I’ve heard conflicting things about it. Is it as good as it’s advertised to be? Is it worth the money? Let’s put the spotlight on it, in this video!

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  1. I had that EXACT scenario happen with the paint + primer Behr paint. 90° outside in So. Cal. Paint in paint tray drying way too fast and then dealing with rolling over dried paint which ends up being rolled onto your roller and is a nightmare. New to the paint game and FINALLY figuring out why so many "boogers" end up in my paint and on the walls. Light bulb 💡 moment. Lesson learned hopefully now.

  2. Thank you James, I do a lot of restoration on antique furniture it's always good to know which is the best one especially protection against stains water stains etc etc

  3. What's the best way to remove dried water-based acrylic?

  4. Love this brand & their low voc paint line.

  5. Checked out when you vouched for it being a "paint and primer in one"

  6. This is what I used in my kitchen a few months ago. We did Toasty Grey over Behr's Greenbelt 470D-6 with no issue at all. I was surprised. As a test we primed the wall with zinsser near the sink and I see no noticeable difference in how the primed vs unprimed walls look. The low VOCs which you didn't mention is also better for your health too! Another thing to add to this, the Greenbelt that was on the walls had no issue at all. It was painted probably 16 years ago and looked new. We might be selling our house and I thought green kitchen walls might not work too well. Now in our living room we used a dark red/orange color (sorry can't remember name right now) on top and it went on terribly. I'm not sure what happened to it.

  7. I put this stuff over the ceiling (old paint) and walls (mew drywall) in some rooms in my house. When working on replacing the drywall in some places I had the paint pull off the ceiling in a few places where the tape was holding up plastic. I thought it might have been the old paint, but I noticed it also pulled off of the patched areas that were bare drywall mud. So I would definitely prime or seal the drywall before painting.

  8. Paint Try? I thought you were a real painter.

  9. So taking over a project of painting the upstairs tenants walls after the painters didn't show up again and it seems that the walls had been previously painted with oil based paint 😳 so the paint hey were using to paint over the old oil based walls was this Behr all in one stuff but already on the walls that are done its not adhering well. Should there have been additional primer used first should I go get primer and prime with something else before continuing on where they left off?

  10. This paint is my absolute least favorite to work with. I consider it trash paint. Actually i do not consider it paint, its a gel. And seriously, its not a primer as stated in video. Thats true. But whats not mentioned is the way its manufactured. They use dryers and hardeners these days that can also be found in glues and adhesives. Why on Gods green earth do i need a paint to get tacky and drag in 27 minutes? Just saying… A little less dry fast chemicals in the paint wouldnt hurt a thing. Behr is a real bear to work with… That saying came from this line of paint… Specifically. This paint should be outlawed to manufacture, its that bad.

  11. Use to refresh trim and doors for 15 less a gallon than the trim and door version very little difference

  12. I love refinishing furniture and pretty new to it. Have tried several products and it’s pretty confusing. Stumbled upon Behr paint & prime high gloss and was surprised to see how it transformed a beat up dinning set to look like new. Very nice product and good price. Little goes long way too. Leaves a perfect finish on wood surfaces. Very happy with it!!

  13. Does this stick to mobile home wallpaper panels? Or particle board with wood look paper on top?

  14. One of the worst paints I have ever used. I was a professional painter back in the 80s for a few years and have used many brands. The paint dry time is way to short to get a good workable wet edge resulting in overlap lines everywhere.

    Used it once but never again.

  15. This paint is actually really good for painting wood. Have you used it as an exterior paint? Thanks for the tips.

  16. Behr paint premium plus twice I’ve had issues it just doesn’t cover 4 Coats later, and it still won’t cover color fast at Walmart is made by Sherwin-Williams far superior paint. I’ve never had to go more than two coats.

  17. I am currently having a bad experience with Behr Premium Plus paint from Home depot.
    1) The coverage is pretty bad, requiring me to fill in many pinholes and stippled areas
    2) The color from my first gallon to the 2nd is off, 2nd gallon much lighter. You can clearly see the demarcation from one gallon to the other on one wall.
    3) The quart I then got to fill in remaining missed spots is another color! My walls are splotchy, almost as if I had attempted to sponge over with a very slightly more purple cornflower. Since I brushed in the missed spots on 2 walls with the same (first) gallon, they are OK.
    Now I will be going back to see if their "satisfaction guaranteed" sign is true, will get another gallon and roll over the 2 splotchy walls.
    Never getting Home Depot paint again.

  18. Mr. James, I give it a thumbs up 👍! Painted my whole house with it (Satin & Eggshell finishes). No complaints…

  19. Im a Behr Rep in California and this is the conversation I have to have with every other customer. The higer amounts of binders and 100% Acrylics allows for the verbiage of paint and Primer. Acrylic and vinyl products wont allow this prime feature.

  20. You just need to know the paint once you go to Behr you never go back to any other. Behr exterior on my shed is fresh looking as it was 20 years ago.

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