Great-HOME DEPOT Interview Questions & Answers! (How to Prepare for a Home Depot Job Interview!)

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If you have a Home Depot interview coming up for any job role whatsoever, please make sure you study this interview training tutorial fully as it will help you to PASS with flying colors!
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In this video, Richard McMunn will teach you:
1. A list of Home Depot interview questions I recommend you prepare for;
2. Great ANSWERS to help you PASS your Home Depot interview (ALL ROLES!);
3. The QUALITIES you need to demonstrate to pass your HOME DEPOT interview;
4. Further resources to help you SUCCEED!

Q. How long is a Home Depot interview?
A. This depends on your answers. However, you can expect to be in the interview for approximately 30 minutes.

Q. How do I prepare for a Home Depot interview?
A. Watch the video and Richard will teach you how!

Q. Can I wear jeans to Home Depot interview?
A. We recommend you do not wear jeans!

Q. How do you answer why should we hire you?
A. List the skills, the qualities, and the competencies you have that are a match for the Home Depot job you are being interviewed for.

Q. What questions are asked in a Home Depot interview?
Q. Some of the questions are covered in this video.

Q. Tell me about yourself and why you want this job at Home Depot?
TIPS: This is your chance to get the interview off to a flying start! Think about the skills and qualities you have that will ADD VALUE to the Home Depot business.

Q. Why Home Depot?
TIPS: The hiring manager wants to know you genuinely want to work for Home Depot, and this is not just a route to gaining another job later on down the line. Carry out some research into Home Depot prior to your interview.

Q. When have you worked as part of a team?
TIPS: A team working question is pretty much guaranteed to come up during your Home Depot interview. Structure your answer using the STAR technique to gain the highest marks.

Q. Describe a time when you had to pay attention to detail?
TIPS: One of the required competencies to work at Home Depot is attention to detail – this is applicable to all roles. Accuracy, whilst at work is essential, so make sure you give the hiring manager a great answer to this interview question!

Q. What would you do if a customer asked you a question that you did not have an answer to?
SAMPLE ANSWER: “I would say I am sorry I did not know the answer, but if they waited where they were, I would go and find someone who did have the answer and bring it back to them.
It wouldn’t matter how busy I was with other tasks, the customer must come first and I would get an answer for them straight away.”

Q. What are the most important skills needed to work at Home Depot?
TIPS: This interview question assesses whether or not you understand Home Depot’s values and work standards. There are a number of different ‘competencies’ needed to work at Home Depot, so make sure you include them in your answer!

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Great-HOME DEPOT Interview Questions & Answers! (How to Prepare for a Home Depot Job Interview!)
Great-HOME DEPOT Interview Questions & Answers! (How to Prepare for a Home Depot Job Interview!)
  1. Is this how u even say Home Depot

  2. About store human resources manager

  3. I have an interview at Home Depot for the position of Freight Team Associate today, please, i want some tips about job questions.

  4. Im 17 I’ll be 18 in March I have an interview for sales associates next week, can I still get the job even if I’m 17?

  5. To pass a home Depot interview you must pretend to care about it .

  6. Richard i have a home depot interview on tuesday for hardware department and i am just about to watch your video. All the things you say on the video makes 100% sense. I love your answers. They make so much sense.

  7. Can you please share interview questions for home depot cyber security role

  8. thank the algorithm! ive been a HD associate for 1.5 year now. and im about to interview for a DH slot and i dunno why this is in my feed but if you shoot some words like this out of your mouth you'll be in an orange apron before you finish the sentence.

    once you get the job and you want to keep it and move up. don't whine, if you see a hole fill a hole. always ask to help with tasks that are are at the next level and most of all brown nose customer ass.

  9. Home Depot: we need people who put the customer first.

    Me who works at Home Depot: gets in trouble for helping a lady tie something to their car’s roof because we’re not aloud to help because of liability reasons that make no sense

  10. Outside sales pro questions?

  11. Specific job I have in mind is working as a Forklift Operator. Any tips??

  12. chill bro its minimum wage

  13. Hi, Tuesday I had a online interview with them,they told me to wait HR will mail you, so in how many days they give interview result?

  14. This interview is same with Lot Associates position??

  15. You're moving forward in the hiring process! Please use your Candidate ID Number: to log in and begin your online screening.

    But I can’t access this website for next process

  16. Wow, going back to this after 2 years, just found this video in my playlists. I watched this before my interview at Home Depot when I was 18. I got the job and I was excited but I didn't stay there long, I quit after a couple months. I got a very good job offer through a connection and now I am working as a digital marketing strategist for an online school. I always get nostalgic when I go to a Home Depot. It is a good job for a student, but the fact that most people had been working there for over 10-20 years made me sick. Good luck to those interviewing!

  17. I was having interview today and I got hired ♥️ it was amazing the video is good

  18. What about questions for overnight stocking for Home Depot?

  19. I had my interview few minutes ago. It was what all in this video but the patter of asking and wording was bit different. Will see what will happen..

  20. Thank you ❤ got the job🎉

  21. Those were not five "skills" you gave as examples. Those are specific tasks. Also your "brilliant' sample answers are way too. wordy and patronizing and sound like someone just repeating what they think he interviewer wants to hear while having nothing actually to do with the interviewee.

  22. What are the chances given how old this video is that someone could help with Sales directed questions if im interviewing for PRO sales

  23. Some questions here involve pass work experience, how do u answer if you don’t have pass work experience and this is your first job

  24. I got hired, and they asked me why i choose home depot and i think a good fit for the job

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