Great-This Says It All! #ryobi #homedepot #funny #funnyvideo

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#homedepot #amazon #dewalt #lowes #milwaukeetools #ridgidtools #ryobi #tooldeals #makita #metabohpt #toolclearance

#homedepot #amazon #dewalt #lowes #milwaukeetools #ridgidtools #ryobi #tooldeals #toolclearance

Great-This Says It All!  #ryobi #homedepot #funny #funnyvideo
Great-This Says It All! #ryobi #homedepot #funny #funnyvideo
  1. Where I live we do not have cages at the power tool section.

  2. They are making the Ryobi more accessible for reason. Being more convenient to get your hands on it you're more likely to buy!

  3. You must live in a very "diverse" area.

  4. Built multiple decks and fences using Ryobi never failed me yet

  5. I remember finding a ryobi and thought to give it to one of the workers that hang out by home depot cus hey free drill why not
    Mans looked dead in my eyes and said "tf I'm suppose to do with that trash" 😭😭😭

  6. Cause Ryobi is such a junk they know most people won’t even steal it and they try to offer it to thieves just to get it out of the store

  7. Mine isn’t Sandpoint Idaho Home Depot has some things locked but most things unlocked

  8. Yes they all like this now and the people at home depot don't even wanna help you get one out of the cage to buy it literally just an hour ago I bought a 1/2 impact gun, and got the guy managing the department fired for not helping me get what I wanted to buy

  9. Sad that we gotta keep shit locked up like this.. thanks Democrats

  10. It’s not cause ryobi is trash it’s because there is a big price difference and if you are gonna steal you take something with a high ticket.I’m a Milwaukee guy by preference but I’m not gonna shit on ryobi cause it’s saved my ass several times and has never failed me but I also take really good care of my things.✌🏽

  11. Lowes is the same with Kobalt tools where I’m at in Indiana.

  12. Yup we have it all locked up too. Even electrical wiring as well. Also high end switches and lighting now is locked up.

  13. I don’t have anything against Roybi I’m sure they are decent I just hate safety green color , I guarantee you if they switched to a different color they would be more popular

  14. I was an apprentice electrician and my foreman made fun of my milwaulkee drills, impact, and Sawzall. "My ryobis are just as good, more durable, and half the cost!"………
    ….. "MOTHERF- ay boy lemme see your drill! Mine keeps getting locked up and jerkin my wrist!"

  15. That’s funny considering Ryobi probably had more revenue the last year than all of those brands that are locked up

  16. No, they don’t have the same locks, but my Home Depot has been taking precautions. The biggest issue mainly for companies like Home Depot and Lowe’s when it comes to theft it is theft of batteries that’s the major problem. And the themes are mainly looking tools with batteries and chargers in them, because those are the easiest flip.

  17. People don't need to steal an affordable item… that still gets the same job done. I have over 40 Ryobi tools, use them and bought them all.

    And no no caged tools at my store as of yet.

  18. The home Depot near my home has all these brands locked up, including Ryobi. But ANOTHER store not even much further away from the 1st Home Depot has it ALL opened.

  19. Dam shame, I know. Speaking of this I was at Home Depot yesterday picking up a power washer, and some guy ran out the store for an awaiting van. Had a cart full of dewalt, ryobi, Milwaukee power tools. Then people wonder why. I did get his tag number and waited for the police to get there.

  20. Only battery's at my store lol

  21. My depot the Ryobi is locked up and tied together with sensors, just like the other brands.

  22. The way people so blatantly steal stuff is pathetic. Our society is caving in on itself. No one has any character or conscience. How did we get to where we are now?

  23. Y’all clownin on ryobi but that 18v jumped my car everytime I had to start it for a week..and still works great

  24. My store has ryobi behind cages + they won't let you take it to a register, you have to tell them your name and they'll hold it for you until payment.. I can't even buy one for curbside pickup…

  25. cause its called ryblomee

  26. Ryobi is behind cages in my area

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