amazing-Parrot Loves Going To Home Depot With His Dad | The Dodo Soulmates

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Parrot gets SO excited when his dad takes him to his favorite place — Home Depot! 😂

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amazing-Parrot Loves Going To Home Depot With His Dad | The Dodo Soulmates
amazing-Parrot Loves Going To Home Depot With His Dad | The Dodo Soulmates
  1. Linda adorável muito Amor ❤❤❤❤

  2. There is nothing in this world more full filling than that special connection to any pet that never judges you and is always there for you
    I'm thrilled you two found one another

  3. absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  4. They are such animated birds! They are more like a little kid.

  5. this guy and his soulmate's story is sooo awsome special.

  6. That ain't no skateboard homie, love the bird though

  7. parrots are so funny and cute, i love them so much

  8. I needed this today 💯❤❤❤

  9. It is great to see the love for this bird and he is obviously well cared for. Shame is it is a terrible advertisement for bird smugglers. Their methods are far from caring

  10. adhara [AdhAra] — wspierające, podtrzymujące; podstawa, baza, podpora.

  11. WHAT a beautiful video.

  12. Parrots are much smarter than some people think. They have human like emotions and cannot be isolated for too long or they will go crazy and/ or pull their feathers out from frustration and loneliness. I'm not sure how long they live but I know it is upwards of 50 years…He is awesome! Thank you for the video :))

  13. Bet that parrot loved flying around the jungle with his wife and kids more that he loves being strapped to some weirdo.

  14. So glad Beau found a great home. But, please turn off that fan! Just because he doesn't usually fly doesn't mean he never will. If he flew into that fan while it was on, it could severely injure or kill him.

  15. He’s so healthy and beautiful looking. I love him!!😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Thank you for the rescue! (I’m talking to the bird). Funny how that works. Remember – there are no coincidences! ♥️

  17. I love all animals and try to love everyone.

  18. I used to wonder why people would get pet birds. And never thought id have one at all. But one day i came home and there was a conure sitting in the tree in my front yard when i got to my door as i was putting the key in he suddenly came and just landed on my shoulder and wouldnt leave. Well after trying to find his owner for a while i got attached and now i couldnt imagine life without him.

  19. Never! Never get a bird that doesn't pick you. It will be mislabel and it's very sad. Only if the bird wants you should you ever consider taking a bird home. Don't ever lock them in a cage, they need to be free and if you can't handle that then you shouldn't have a bird. Cages are fine, they like having a home or personal space but don't lock them in there unless it's for a short while and because of their safety. I am trying to make friends with a wild Crow and I have to be very patient to earn his trust, He will pick me or not, but he will always be a FREEBIRD. This was a beautiful example of if you deserve a bird for a friend.

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