Great-5 Best Tiny Houses at Home Depot [September 2022]

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Best Home Depot Tiny Houses 2022
1. 0:57 *Best Barns, Hampton 12 ft. W x 24 ft., [$12,777]*

2. 1:57 *Outdoor Living Today, Penthouse Cedar Garden Shed 9ft x 9ft [$7,599]*

3. 2:42 *Installed Shed Rustica Series Refuge 10 ft. x 12 ft. Backyard Studio, [$49,900]*

4. 3:33 *Nordic J68 33.3 ft x 19ft Log Cabin Kit, [$51,399]*

5. 4:34 *HUD-1 EZ Buildings, Balcony Garage D.I.Y. 2-Story Log Building Kit, [$52,399]*

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As the cost of living rises, people look for more economical, affordable alternatives to the skyrocketing housing market – tiny homes and alternative homes have become the it thing for people to do. It’s economical and environmentally friendly – those looking for a smaller footprint may also see tiny homes as an ideal choice for their life. What if getting a tiny home was just that easy? As easy as ordering one and having it shipped wherever you’d like?
Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the best tiny home options one can get from Home Depot. A hardware store common across the U.S., it’s one of the easiest ways to fill all your home improvement – or, in this case, home building – needs. Whether you’re ordering online or running to your neighborhood store, all you need is to be ready to get a little elbow grease together to turn these sheds into the tiny homes of your dreams.
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1. Best Barns, Hampton 12 ft. W x 24 ft., $12,777 – With great storage, the Hampton features around 288 square feet of space, all in a luxury package. With a few adjustments, this would make an amazing tiny home, with a separate area perfect for a sleeping area in an above loft. With unfinished interiors, this is not the best home for an inexperienced DIYer. However, with some tender loving care and extra elbow grease, the discerning tiny-home enthusiast can make the absolute most out of this little space. There’s plenty of space on the high side walls, the kit comes with wood flowing, and shingles can be added to match whatever look the home of your dreams might be!
-Pre-assembled barn doors and windows -ready for treatment
-Deluxe Flooring
-Under 20k price tag
-Unfinished Interior walls
-Assembly, glue and some cutting acquired
-Not beginner friendly
2. Outdoor Living Today, Penthouse Cedar Garden Shed 9ft x 9ft $7,599 – If you’re looking for something truly small or only have so much land to work with – the Penthouse Cedar is the perfect getaway for one. Perfect if you need something you can add onto over time or if you want a truly tiny carbon footprint – the precut assembly pieces make getting started a little easier than some of the other options today. You may not live with a ton of space – but for those looking for an outdoorsy, rustic feel – or a small cabin on a limited amount of land – this will be an incredible option. With some clever planning
-Easy to assemble
-Low price, under 10k
-Environmentally friendly, small footprint
-Very limited space
-Needs livability adjustments
3. Installed Shed Rustica Series Refuge 10 ft. x 12 ft. Backyard Studio, $49,900 – Modern design will make you forget this was originally designed as an outdoor shed. Perfect for escaping to, or home space for one. With the luxury design, expansive windows, and tons of natural light, you’ll have the view of your dreams. Both interior and exterior are customizable and mostly put-together, so perfect for an inexperienced DIYer. It comes at a price higher than others on today’s list, but for a discerning customer, this might be just the tiny home opportunity of a lifetime.
-Environmentally friendly, small footprint
-Customizable interior and exterior
-Fully insulated
-Luxury, modern look
-Extremely small space
-Needs livability adjustments
-High price point
4. Nordic J68 33.3 ft x 19ft Log Cabin Kit, $51,399 – If you’re looking for something sleek but still rustic, the Nordic J68 is the log cabin of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a cabin in the woods or just want a little rustic flair on your lot – this has it all.

Great-5 Best Tiny Houses at Home Depot [September 2022]
Great-5 Best Tiny Houses at Home Depot [September 2022]
  1. I like nr. 2 because of its style and the low price. Excellent detailed information , I like watching it

  2. The finished inside of #1 must be a mistake.. cant possibly be 12x 24

  3. Very useful information. Best regards and thanks for sharing.

  4. Best by what standard? This video is a collection of the manufacturers' provided clips & info, not someone's experience building any of them.

  5. What is meant by livability adjustments? All need electric, plumbing, final roof materials. What is the foundation requirements? Some need insulation.

  6. Most counties in the US do not allow these to be permitted residential units. Check with your county before buying one.

  7. I did not see a bathroom in #5. That could be a bit of a problem.

  8. This video is a crock. Very few of the buildings show are actually tiny homes, and some of the floor plans shown aren't even of the unit they are talking about.

  9. you can build this houses for 75% less on youre own

  10. Ironic the house a lot of Boomers grew up in, 3 bd 1 ba, are now back in vogue after the mega houses wrecked so many bank accounts.

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