amazing-Home Depot Just Made A Big Change

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Home Depot Just Made A Big Change. if you are looking for a home depot tiny home or a home depot tiny house this video is about how Home Depot is making big changes as it tries to make a profit as consumers stop spending money on home improvements.

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amazing-Home Depot Just Made A Big Change
amazing-Home Depot Just Made A Big Change
  1. Do you hate the self checkout stands as much as me?

  2. My husband won't use self checkout. If there is no other option he will have the clerk help him saying " I am a kleptomaniac and need assistance checking out, under the Americans with disabilities act I am a protected class of person's and you must assist me ", this gets mixed reactions. All my husband desires is for checkers to have a job.

  3. This slows the whole checkout process because we are slow scanners!

  4. Why would this guy, who hates masks, shop in a store where people are wearing masks? Has he no principles? He should become a Home Depot store manager so he can tell everyone how they should do things, including what to think.

  5. The kiosks are not taking the jobs away, the cashiers standing there ignoring the customers is giving away their jobs.

  6. maybe if you talked a little faster……..jeeeeeeeeeez

  7. Is this the complete opposite, but duplicate planet where everything is backwards from where we are? Perhaps in that world the patriots are running things, and all the lefty democrat criminals are imprisoned or were executed. I ask because it just looks reversed from what I am used to.

  8. Never have a problem with Lowe’s or Home Depot. πŸ˜„πŸ‘

  9. You work for them , use their Employee Lunch Room . They mess with you , use your White Card priviledges & call the Media .lol lol

  10. Home depot employee are ver lazy .dumb peopke works at home depot .

  11. If you have any questions .don't boder to ask employees. They so dump dobt know any thing about products eather dumb or lazy

  12. Cashiers just take money. There is no technical service offered by cashiers. That is where the higher wages go to. They bring more money to HD.

  13. I don’t understand the whole self checkout I think they lose more money on untrained people checking them own selves out other than hiring a few checkers out.

  14. I go to ACE locally, not Worth the hassle at depot

  15. I think you're missing the big picture. It's all based on demographics. Baby boomers are retiring (some even prematurely since Covid) leaving a huge deficit in actual warm bodies to fill the void. There are fewer people to hire. That increases wage pressure which increases inflation. The big stores recognize this and that's why the increased automation in check out. More to come for at least the next decade.

  16. You have to remember, nobody wants to work anymore with free money giving out free, welcome

  17. I refuse to so self checkout ANYWHERE. Not going to put people out of a job. PERIOD.

    ANYONE who allows stores to require customers to check themselves out, is a thoughtless dumbass SHEEP.

  18. Very annoying presentation

  19. someone is drunk, the home depot sign is backwards? what gives????????????????

  20. Can't wait for you to get to the point.Blah Blah Blah bye

  21. Home Depot customer service is the worst.. I hate going to the store when I need help with product

  22. And in todays news, home depot is hiring MORE security guards…but cant get a cashier to run a register

  23. Get used to it. You will find that large corporate retail (big box retail) or fast food are going to eliminate employees. These corporations traditionally have not been paying a living wage. Today it is getting more difficult to find workers to work for less than a living wage. So the trend is to have fewer employees, maybe making a living wage, and turn over some of the work to the customer, self check out. How many fast foods restaurants have you seen where you order and pay through a kiosk? I'm not say this is right or wrong it is reality. .

  24. this sore need to sale online only.

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