Great-Professional Window Installer REACTS To Home Depot Installation Video

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We wanted to see what other installation content is out there and ran in to this gem. Enjoy Jeff’s reaction and commentary on the video Home Depot has out there to equip you to install a window.
Let us know if you have any other window videos you would like to have Jeff react to or do a commentary on.

How to measure a replacement window :

How to install a window :

How to install a leak proof window :


Great-Professional Window Installer REACTS To Home Depot Installation Video
Great-Professional Window Installer REACTS To Home Depot Installation Video
  1. Well they're installing ply gem 😂😂😂. They'll replace it again in 5 years.

    You can tell this video was created by marketing, not an actual install or service tech. THD should know better!

  2. Jeff, as long as people follow the instructions in that video, you will never be lacking for future projects. That was truly awful.

  3. Dont we wish that all retro's were that easy………..keep up the good work, Jeff….gret vids.

  4. This video reminds me of the old Chiltons auto repair manuals. Step 1. Disconnect battery. Step 2. Remove engine

  5. My window installer made that mistake, they ordered two windows meant for a single opening the wrong size, and didn't notice until they had the old windows out. So now I have some temporary plywood covering the gap while I wait for the windows to be remade. They said they only made one other mistake like that in something like 20 years. Now I should have had them unload all the windows first so I could check them, but then again, what am I paying them for?

  6. Not to mention most manufacturers installation instructions require spray foam insulation rather than fiberglass. Fiberglass insulation is useless around a window when stuffed tight like that. Will hold water(if it gets to it) and doesn’t insulate as it’s not trapping air in its fibers.

  7. Here in Florida we have alot of fin windows fully buried in one inch of stucco on the exterior. What type of removal process am I looking at?

  8. These big companies are out of control. They just don't care. We need make America great again.

  9. Would you ever consider doing a video on window replacement in a stucco home? Most of our windows just need replacing but we have 4 that will require full pull out due to water damage and I’m told that needs investigating. So far all local window companies have told me we need stucco cut back first so many inches, then fixed after window completion, this will cost us about 10k! I’d love to learn and visualize the actual process, but don’t know if stucco is common in your area. Thanks

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