amazing-Suspect fatally shot by officers at Home Depot in Burbank 'wanted to shoot people,' police say

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A man killed during an officer-involved shooting at a Home Depot in Burbank Saturday told authorities he had plans to “start shooting people,” police said. READ MORE:

amazing-Suspect fatally shot by officers at Home Depot in Burbank 'wanted to shoot people,' police say
amazing-Suspect fatally shot by officers at Home Depot in Burbank 'wanted to shoot people,' police say
  1. I guess we still need to buy MORE guns, so this will stop happening

  2. Oh well. Thats what you get. One less criminal on the lose

  3. Bob villa would not approve…

  4. One large mudslide California is gone

  5. White supremacists at it again

  6. Why are the democrats turning these people loose on the public

  7. Most likely didn't really want to shoot anyone, this looks to me like a classic 'Suicide By Cop' incident. If the guy wanted to shoot people, he'd just done it without calling cops and telling them everything.

  8. No need to be awful..He called in on himself, he didn’t hurt anyone else..Case closed..

  9. His identity is unimportant. All that matters is no shoppers or LE were shot.

  10. And everyone else lived happily ever after the end

  11. This isn't the bike meet up shooting in new mexico? wow

  12. Clearly this man was seeking to suicide by cop and Burbank PD is always more than eager to oblige. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. Sounds like suicide by cop.

  14. Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle

  15. Oh damn….I know that one. I live in the Valley. And I have a close friend that lives just down the block from there.

  16. Another obvious 'suicide by cop' situation. Perhaps a mental health team could have initiated contact, de-escalated the encounter and prevented the death of a clearly troubled individual.

  17. Let me guess! Another MAGAT who is hurt that his Kult leader LOST in 2020!

  18. Suicide by cop most likely 😔

  19. And now we wait for the family to sue the police for "wrongful death", even though the suspect obviously had a unalive wish.

  20. They should give people notification like amber alerts but for active shooters

  21. He probably wanted to die.. that’s what I think

  22. Burbank last remaining safe town

  23. I didn't know that there was still black people in California

  24. That's a rough way to off yourself.
    Why drag a bunch of other people into it? There are quieter, more discreet ways to accomplish the task.

  25. I think it was a suicide by cop

  26. I bet he didn't even have a gun..

  27. Most Cops Are Heroes!!! Most

  28. Why would one need the identity of the dead guy?…. so blacks get a reason to riot?

  29. How certain are they that it was actually him that called?



  32. 🔨How Doers Get More Done 🪚

  33. Thug police mug action. This is what a police state looks like

  34. Suicide by cop. 911 call, tells of vehicle, clearly mental health issues. Verbal exchange, aggressive actions, Sgt. Fekety did not mention a weapon observed by officers or found in the vehicle. Release all body cams. The video illustrates when one officer opens fire and they all do. Just so many citizens in the line of fire in the parking lot. Did you see the man walking near the van? Wow.
    All the vehicles hit by police gun fire will be denied a claim by the City. Go public if they deny a claim to fix bullet damage to your car.

  35. This, sounds more like suicide by cop. To cowardly to do it himself so he threatens other people.

  36. Oh well… one less nut job lurking in society

  37. He got what he wanted with out killing other people.

  38. Estimate right now go to Home Depot and let's get killed cuz everytime I watch the news somebody getting killed at Lowe's or Home Depot so that's the new trend now sad

  39. I want to see the unedited cell phone videos

  40. The police are lying. Why wont they give out his name?

  41. Only in America can a wacko phone in a desire to kill w GUNS, and we have to believe it's a very credible threat. Sad way to live.

  42. cops took care of the problem….back the blue

  43. At least he didn't kill any innocent victims. This is the type of case where suicide is OK. Wasn't brave enough to do it himself and make the cops do it kinda sucks. For you thin skin people he could of called a family member/ friend/ coworker or suicide line instead of the police.

  44. Suspect was apparently armed with .25 ACP Beretta. He would have been better off with a slingshot. Probably a case of suicide by cop.

  45. Best thing that could happen is California just fall into the sea! No warning just disapear

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