amazing-Home Depot misses on revenue, lowers sales forecast

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CNBC’s Becky Quick breaks down the company’s quarterly earnings results.

amazing-Home Depot misses on revenue, lowers sales forecast
amazing-Home Depot misses on revenue, lowers sales forecast
  1. Hmmm, the consumer is still in great shape, or maybe they're showing some constraint unlike our political leaders.

  2. Spin doctors went to work right away

  3. "Looked like a hostage tape" lololol

  4. Good for Homedepo! They been robbing us blind for 3 years! Figure it out like the rest of us!

  5. I thought Cramer said last week Home Depot would pop. He did a whole segment walking through how demand is up

  6. It's because HomeDepot got too greedy with prices. A plumbing part was $2.49 2 years ago, is now $16.49 . Kinda stupid.

  7. The cost of supporting fascist Trump GOP trying to overthrow American democracy.

  8. Here's an idea. Instead of making all the associates take "diversiry" training. How about training them how to use the wood saw, the pipe threader, the carpet roller, the appliance ordering system, how to say "Hello customer how may I help you." The "orange pumpkin patches" of herded orange aprons standing around doing nothing but catching up on their social lives is an awful experience for a shopper in need.

  9. Well hurricane season is right around the corner.

  10. I was at home depot this morning people everywhere buying sh!t. The store was packed full.

  11. The economy is collapsing. This is one of many canary in the coal mine warning signs. The economy is on the verge of a major depression.

  12. see the hd to low ratio, pair trade, before and specifically after the founder went on a tirade against diversity…

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