home depot locations-Home Depot Gutter Guard

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A professional DIY gutter guard made from stainless steel micro-mesh and will keep leaves, pine needles and even tiny roof sand grit out of your gutter. Manufactured by Gutterglove, Inc., the leader in stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards.

You can purchase Gutter Guard by Gutterglove at participating Home Depot stores and at

Gutter Guard is the most efficient and cost effective Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gutter protection system on the market.

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home depot locations-Home Depot Gutter Guard
home depot locations-Home Depot Gutter Guard
  1. Will redwood pollen get through there

  2. no more gutter cleaning? What was that crap I see building up on the screen? I had a similar style and the plastic rots and gets holes in it after a couple of years and it's more work than just leaving them off altogether. You need the ones like gutter guard or gutter helmet that have a solid surface all the way up to the drip edge.

  3. I have a drone that goes up there and blows my leaves out. Problem solved. Except its to big to land in my yard .

  4. Hahaha yah screw your roof up for something that doesn't work.

  5. What if the outer edge of the gutter is slightly higher than the edge of the roof shingles?

  6. Sorry Grandpa, but you will still be cleaning gutters and shingle grit. Nothing is maintenance free.

  7. This looks like a decent solution for pine needles but still needs to be cleaned every year only your not digging in the gutters

  8. question" what about pine needles under a redwood tree?

  9. I hire the Neighbor boy to live on my roof and clean then when they need it. Works out for both of us.

  10. I saved $9,000 dollars today by not buying leaf guard or any other guard.

  11. piece of crap don't waste your money on this garbage

  12. After 3 years mine are working great. Bought them at Costco. Installed myself. Its very easy. I have a steep roof so needed to put a bend in the screen. This does allow some debris to accumulate but not much. On the south side I have a western red cedar that is always dumping something. I clean that about once a year with a brush from the ground the biggest issues is inside corners. My cedar dumps so much debris I have to clean that one inside corner almost monthly during the winter. takes about 5 minutes which includes pulling out the step ladder but that is still much less work than having to clean the 200 feet of gutter twice a year. Installation is about 4 minutes per straight section and 10 minutes per corner section. A cut off tool works much better than a sheet metal shears.

  13. "You won't get a heavier rain than this" yes you will. Rain hits your entire roof at once, then accumulates as it runs down. I have used gutter guards on all my houses and they work great….but that was a stupid thing to say. And yes, needles do sometimes get stuck from my many pine trees, but the needles dry and break off in the next wind storm, but I don't have anymore maple trees growing out of my gutters or leaves clogging the gutters.

  14. great video, but what can i do about the little space between each section, any recommendation so the debris doesn't get caught up on the rough edges?

  15. Pine needles will get through the holes and also this system will cause you some serious ice dam in winter

  16. …and the debris ends up where? I believe it blows off, sticks to the house siding, resulting in more cleaning elsewhere.

  17. if you are going with the adhesive tape only i recommend wiping that lip on the gutter.

  18. why do all the you tube adds have stupid annoying music, every add does , its nuts ,maybe some kind of brain wash thing ,but super annoying , also music is louder sometimes than the audo stupi stupid stupid

  19. I like to pull fabric screen off because of water shooting right over guard and flooding basement.. yes it happens with gutter guards .. you still have to clean them .. this all depends on roof pitch and where you live also .. trees etc etc.. do not ever use the leaf guard system unless your in Arizona

  20. I get ice dams build up in the winter, should I remove the guards after the leafs have fallen?

  21. The main negative for me is they drip. Heavy rains cause drips all the way down the gutter that I never had before. However, its better than cleaning the gutters.

  22. If it's raining bad, will the rain go through the mesh into the gutters and down the spouts or will it be slipping off the guard and down on to the ground?I

  23. Great, so how do I hang icicle lights during the holiday season without damaging the fine mesh gutter guard? Other videos show metal hooks that fit through the gutter guard, but the style shown in those videos have bigger holes to fit the hooks. Give me a solution please.

  24. Should those gutter guards be removed prior to replacing shingles? I would hate for them to be damaged in the process. Though, I would also hate to remove and reinstall the guards after the roofing is done!

  25. I put Home Depot stainless steel micromesh Gutter Guards by Gutterglove on my home about a year ago. If you have a one story home it is a cake walk to put them on. I installed mine using a step ladder. Gutterglove is a great company and will offer you the best customer service there is. They have a great video on how to install the gutter guards also on YOUTUBE. Also, you will get a great instruction booklet with your order. I was able to install almost all of mine with the one side under the shingles. The self tapping screws which i choose to use works great. It is a big cost savings if you do them yourself. I only did the gutters where there are problem areas with leaves. I did not see any reason for installing them where there is never a problem like my garage was. Gutterglove gave me a free gutter broom to clean my gutter guards if it was ever needed. Now that I am older I do not have any worries with gutter stoppages! A great warranty too.

  26. A bit pointless if you have to clean them…

  27. What an absolute scam. Don't get gutter guards

  28. They are a total scam. If you have them then you know exactly what I'm talking about. The company that makes them is profiting 90% after production and advertising. They are using the Brita method of advertising I'm only jealous that I hadn't come up with something like this BS

  29. Not one person who installs gutter guards can avoid cutting them to go around corners. This video should show how that is done. Very tough to cut the steel mesh type of gutter guards!

  30. all fine and dandy but if you dont have the inclination shit will pool there and make water backflow under the tiles

  31. If this is not a scam then why did you offer the guy to take down the videos proving your product is garbage and just praying on the elderly

  32. And it sais allot that you remove the ability to comment on most your videos. These people are scam artist

  33. Using for a year now. Had a handyman buddy come and install them. Been working great but haven't experienced heavy rains.

  34. Do not install this garbage are you prepared to go up and clean the screen constantly these people do not install this garbage

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