amazing-Ryobi Days are FINALLY here at The HOME DEPOT

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Ryobi Days are Finally at Home Depot. I believe these are great deals. Were there better deals in the past? YES. But that doesnt mean that these deals are bad.
I thank you for checking out this video, Im just your average guy having Fun with tools. I test tools out to see what these tools can do, and what they can’t do. Please Subscribe to the channel and get that tool fix here. Have a great day!

amazing-Ryobi Days are FINALLY here at The HOME DEPOT
amazing-Ryobi Days are FINALLY here at The HOME DEPOT
  1. My stores are about sold
    Out of the $99 dollar kit

  2. I'm considering getting the sander. Do you have any experience with it? And are there other orbital sanders to consider?

  3. Are you not uploading tool tests or reviews as much as you use to?

  4. Which HD is that? McHenry?? I can’t find the speakers anywhere.

  5. Everywhere I look for this deal online and at my store those set of speakers are totally out, smh

  6. Why do you point with your fingers like that? Seems unnatural and intentional.

  7. Thank for the video – however we all know that there are no Free Lunch having said that buy a set of batteries for $ 99.00 and get a Free Tool. You’re paying for it my friend and I hope the viewers know that too.

  8. I have to say there batteries are dam good

  9. thanks! 15 minutes is too short(((

  10. Dang….I was waiting for the look at the 3 battery pack/free tool deals and you just strolled past them! Best deals for Ryobi days and you skip it to look at non Ryobi stuff in a Ryobi video..

  11. I have a question I know this is a dumb question to ask. I put a ryobi 262 impact drill. But I haven't been able to find any socks that fit it.its the 1/2 I tried Milwaukie ,icon nothing is fitting. I even tried to buy adapter nothing fits

  12. i got the 99.00 kit and got 2 4ah batteries due to chinese batteries getting old an failing (1 yr) when you break it down you get 4 batteries and a charger for 99.00, thats less than 25.00 a battery, you cant even get the chinazon batteries for that price

  13. When will the ryobi days sale end?

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