Great-Scammed! Do This When Buying Tools From Home Depot / Any Store From Now On! purchasing mechanic Tips

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Great-Scammed! Do This When Buying Tools From Home Depot / Any Store From Now On! purchasing mechanic Tips
Great-Scammed! Do This When Buying Tools From Home Depot / Any Store From Now On! purchasing mechanic Tips
  1. i git scammed also switched item in a box …

  2. I guess moral of the story… you are telling us to check out with an employee vs self check out…and open the box before you walk away. Thanks boss.

  3. I saw a woman swap out brand X cheese for Kraft cheese in a box an didnt bat a eye

  4. Sorry this happened however, what makes you think it was done by someone who purchased, swapped and returned? It could be it was swapped by someone what works there who wanted the better tool. I'm just saying.

  5. Huge deal. I would be livid😤

  6. Homedepot used to have great costumer service.

  7. Wow. That is fraud. Opps. It looks like HD was cheated on a previous return & did not know it. Still, you should not be cheated.

  8. This happened to my co-worker twice. A Drill Driver Fuel with Hammer Drill. And both times in the box the tool was not hammer Drill. Open your stuff at the counter. Very calm video and insightful. My video may have had a few naughty words in it. Well done.

  9. Depending what state you live in, you also need to be careful no one sees you buying or opening an expensive tool cause youll get robbed outside the store.

  10. had the same thing happen at H Depot. got a refund

  11. Somebody returned it.took the fuel out and gave you the elchepo.

  12. Yup, this should’ve been an easy fix and all it takes is ONE idiot mgr to give a store a black eye. Sorry man……

  13. Customer service in general has gone down the tube it's not what it use to be.

  14. Thank u very much for that tip. that's a good idea. I'll keep that in mind in case it happens to me. I hope your problem gets resolved. Take care.

  15. Oh, I would be super pissed . One thing I have noticed it’s not all Home Depot’s are created equal.

  16. Take them back and that will remove your anger 😂

  17. Yes I had the same experience , and it sucks also make sure to pay with a credit card, or ATM card for record purposes.

  18. In the United Kingdom, the Sale of Goods Act reverses the burden of proof. It is not for the purchaser to prove to the seller that he has not improperly exchanged an item. The store will be presumed in law to have improperly exchanged it unless they are able to discharge the legal and evidential burden to the contrary. The seller is entitled in law to the correct item or a full refund.

  19. Chill Out- go smoke a fat one and relax. It will work itself out-

  20. Home Depot is just out to rip off the consumer. Go to a reputable tool supplier!

  21. Use your HOMEDEPOT Credit card for all purchases and when you return something its a no questions ask return policy for 1 year I know because i worked there.

  22. Was in Home Depot last night a couple was in there stealing. The staff was just walking around some times looking at them, but really don’t seem to care they are obviously stealing. I’m in Home Depot daily, I’ve seen many thieves and really never police. I think the thieves know they can basically take what they want and no one will bother them.

  23. Boycott Tina's STORE……Guess while at McDonalds Drive thru we'll have to shut down and do an inventory on our food, maybe even a Taste Test (?)

  24. If this isn’t the 3rd or 4th time you’re making this claim, a good manager should just make the swap and take you at your word. You couldn’t prove that’s what was in the box, but remember they couldn’t prove the right tool was in the box, either.

  25. Did they did something else after or it just stayed like that

  26. Damn, bro. That sucks. Good to know never thinking about this especially when it comes to expensive tools. I’ve had to return a tool (tape measurer) once I ordered online but when I received it, it wasn’t the correct one pictured on the website. Good thing I didn’t open it, product numbers matched getting my refund hassle free. Trust me, my heart would’ve sunk too, brother. All my Milwaukee power tools are Fuel/Brushless except for a compact vacuum and tire inflator so it is a big deal to me. But yeah, thank you for making this eye opening video for all of us too see looking like it’s happened to others by reading the comments. 😒🤦🏻‍♂️🤬😡

  27. Can Home Depot trace the history of that box and see the purchase history? Then look at the cameras for the time and date for the person returning the item and see if the clerk actually inspected the tool before accepting the return?

  28. All you have to do though is go to a different Home Depot and go through the same process there. They will most likely accept it. I've had this happen to me before as well, and they had no problem replacing it with the correct tool. Tina is not going to communicate with other stores. Just go to a different one, and try explaining your situation to a different manager. Easy fix.

  29. Dude sure is Wendy 🙄

  30. This is exactly what happened to me with Harbor Freight with the (PITTSBURGH AUTOMOTIVE Slide Hammer and Puller Set, 14 Piece) I took it back they accepted the return and instructed me to get another one so I did and asked them to open it in front of me to make sure it's not defective like the one I was returning. So they opened uP^ the box that had the slide hammer and the slide hammer was damaged so they opened uP^ another box with a slide hammer and that one was also defective, the cashier was shocked and said "We must have gotten a bad batch" blah blah blah.

    So what I did is asked the cashier if it was ok with Harbor Freight if I got all the good pieces from all the bad boxes and put together the kit that came with the Slide Hammer. He said sure no problem. So finally I put together all the good pieces and the slide hammer into a box and went on my merry way.

    At least Harbor Freight made things right.👍🏻

  31. Appreciate you for posting this video. I love Milwaukee tools and will substitute a Dewalt tool in a pinch, but you have opened my eyes to be alert for all future tool purchases. Thanks for your advice.

  32. When it comes to Milwaukee tools you gotta get Fuel I repeat you have to get Fuel…

  33. Checking the boxes immediately would probably be a good idea for any purchase these days. I have had friends who have been scammed on mail order items. Nobody knows what goes on at warehouses or en route to the store you purchase stuff from. You should take your story to Home Depot corporate. Hopefully they’ll see this video and make things right.

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