Great-We Couldn’t Buy These Masonite Doors at Home Depot (Unusable) 2021

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We headed to the local Home Depot to get some entry doors and what we saw surprised us. We could not buy anything because of the poor build of these (Masonite) doors.

Great-We Couldn’t Buy These Masonite Doors at Home Depot (Unusable) 2021
Great-We Couldn’t Buy These Masonite Doors at Home Depot (Unusable) 2021
  1. Typical phone constantly ringing with nobody answering it.

  2. I just ordered a masonite door from home depot. It's not one that's in stock. It's a $650.00 steel door with a rot resistant bottom and HD panels with no windows. Please tell me I haven't made a huge mistake.

  3. Home Depot should be embarrassed for having horrible products like those Masonite doors! 😕

  4. Video is pretty helpful. On personal note, I like Dako company.

  5. I just bought one that was perfect. Guess I got lucky

  6. As an Employee I can assure you that we try our best to build quality products . Mistakes happen and we strive for excellence . buying one is one thing but building it is another process. There's apparently a quality control issue somewhere.

  7. I just bought and had a professional install on a Masonite patio swing door in my home. I'm so let down by the quality control on this product. Simply horrible. How do I get Masonite to correct this??

  8. I got a discount doing this last week

  9. so what is the lowes equivalent to those doors at lowes? are they better? is that therma tru the ones?

  10. Inherited a 28 year old home in Dallas, and needing to replace the original wood doors. Temps at the doors are like 110-120 degrees! Didn’t even think to look at quality control on these! Great to know! Probably only going to be in the house 3 years, so not looking to break the bank. But clearly want something that will withstand high heat! Any recommendations?

  11. ok, won't be getting the Masonite door I just saw at HD

  12. Which brand do you think is good? Please recommend

  13. That dent was definitely from shipping or after door was shipped.. I’ve seen countless doors at the factory haven’t seen a dent in more then 1.. more common are pops in the doors

  14. We are returning our second masonite door to home depot tomorrow because they leak. Very disappointed in the lack of quality control.

  15. I twice tried to order a $3K door at a big box store and it came hung just a bit better than this. So I just returned it each time and gave up. It wasn't Masonite. The whole country is falling into the Abyss, we need to make it great again somehow. People just have no honor anymore.

  16. Not all things made in the USA are great quality. I don't know if these doors are made in the US, but I presume they are.

  17. These guys have an axe to grind. Anyone who installs knows you have to pick them out yourself just like lumber. Also , how can you blame the manufacturer? You know these doors got banged up at the store being moved around by guys like you. They certainly did not come off the production line like that. Go back to work .

  18. Your a contractor fix it your making money anyway

  19. Dang it. I have been eyeballing a certain door for awhile now at a HD OUT OF STATE because the HD's in my area don't carry that particular door. Now I'm having 2nd thoughts about driving almost 3 hours one way to buy it. I wondered why they have had one in stock for a few months now, and others available in stores further away in that same state).

  20. what door did you buy from Lowes. i need that door

  21. I'm currently in the process of replacing my side garage door with that same exact window model and having the same issues. Hinges are all jacked up. Too late to return. Now I'm stuck fixing this piece of garbage!

  22. Real carpenters don't buy doors from Lowes or Home Depot

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