amazing-The Home Depot Commercial 2022 – (USA)

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amazing-The Home Depot Commercial 2022 – (USA)
amazing-The Home Depot Commercial 2022 – (USA)
  1. Wtf is this commercial some hippie like that wouldn’t be at a Home Depot 💀

  2. I doubt you’re ever going to see a trans man/woman “of color” in bib overalls in Home Depot. #StayWoke

  3. Mannnnnnn, that sista is freaking beautiful!!!

  4. Twist of Cain. Danzig should sue and get some money

  5. I don't have a Home Depot in my place. I only came her for the music.

  6. This is the only way you can find anything. Their customer service sucks. All the stores are dirty and you can't find help.

  7. Is that supposed to be a male or a female?

  8. Not a hater what’s so ever BUT listen real carefully how they take the manly man out of Home Depot. F**** 🤡🌎🤦🏻

  9. Beautiful lady. She looks like Rosario Dawson

  10. Home Depot Commercial
    0:05 – The commercial starts with the iconic Home Depot sign, setting the scene and letting the consumer know they are at HOME DEPOT. The sight of people leaving the store signifies completion and confirms that other consumers have purchased goods from Home Depot. The focus then shifts to the service aspect. Instead of being greeted at the door by an employee, the commercial uses a phone in hand perspective, reflecting the new consumer demographic who prefer minimal interaction. With the rise of mobile app services, Home Depot is adapting to this trend, much like the Target Circle App introduced in 208 by Gaby(Thank you Gaby for mentioning this). A barcode is also displayed at the bottom of the screen for “your convenience.”

    0:07 – The commercial shows different aisles from the phone in hand perspective, then transitions to a blueprint of the store, transitioning to the consumer in focus. This highlights the issue of the store's size and difficulty navigating it. All of this is a story and we are following along how easy it was for this lady to shop because of the app, we relate because we want an easy experience. Specifically a lady in post COVID navigating a store successfully with minimal interaction.

    0:16 – The commercial shows the consumer scanning products through the app, with Home Depot employees still present to physically hold the products and offer assistance. This offers a combination of expert salesperson input and consumer reviews, providing transparency and verification of the product being purchased. This supports Home Depot's commitment to transparency, a trait of successful businesses.

  11. then I have to go here with my mom on Sunday's 🌄🌅🌞🌞🌞🌞 early in the morning 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱😫😫😫😫

  12. The song just slaps more than any other song

  13. I need to download this app, Home Depot rocks

  14. A white man in the frame would have looked better.

  15. Love listening to Josh Lucas's voice.

  16. He pasado 4 horas tratando de comprar unas planchas de OSB, Pero quiero saber cuanto me cobran por el delivery, No me lo pueden decir, Es el servicio online mas malo que he visitado.I've spent 4 hours trying to buy some OSB plates, but I want to know how much they charge me for delivery, they can't tell me, it's the worst online service I've ever visited.

  17. I’m just here for the song

  18. Who is that woman she's fine😅

  19. More saving, more doing. That's the power of the Home Depot.

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