amazing-Home Depot Theme Orchestral Remix (1 Hour ver)

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By the popularish demand of like a few people, the 1 hour version.

Once more credit to Armenvoskanian for his incredible work on this!

amazing-Home Depot Theme Orchestral Remix (1 Hour ver)
amazing-Home Depot Theme Orchestral Remix (1 Hour ver)
  1. Posting and pinning this comment here in case others had this question and didn't check the other video.

    If anyone wishes to use this in their videos they have my permission to do so as long as they credit it and link it in the description or a pinned comment.


  2. I need to learn Blendr so I can make a tank assembly montage with this.

  3. Construction workers getting ready to do seemingly nothing for the next 10 months:

  4. Okay, this is good and all, but I still want the hammer sounds, and if it could play continuously without repeating, that'd be even more amazing. Like, if the middle, most epic part of the song that charges with the most energy just went on and on that'd be amazing. But I don't know. Maybe it is better this way. Great job either way! 👍

  5. The mighty Dwarven race, built from mountain steel…

    …Now has 15% off store brand pickaxes.

  6. It's like the Dwarves heard the song and now it plays as they work throughout the mountain.

  7. New theme song for a dwarven boss who uses Warhammers in DND

  8. Give a group of people this song and they will construct an entire gosh dang universe within 1:00:59.

  9. On the unlikely chance you see this, I would just like to tell you exactly how I'm about to use this in my home D&D campaign, because it's hilarious.

    We're playing in a modified version of Curse of Strahd Revamped, and one of my players is playing a floridaman who works at home depot. I've made home depot a secret society in Barovia dedicated to ending Strahd. This will play in the background when the floridaman visits the home depot lmao

  10. putting the original video on loop gives a more seamless loop than this, that's almost an achievement at this point.

  11. 10/10 this gave me motivation to ask how to assemble my BBQ

  12. I need more hammers, industrial banging, and forging sounds as drumbeats and bass hits!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sheet music please? My group wants to play it for our small ensemble concert!

  14. Battlefield be like when your losing 💀💀💀

  15. Adapted from an ancient Dwarven work song.

  16. Wonder how the villain always has big, deadly machinery?

    They get all the supplies from Home Depot.
    Also you're at home depot when they were getting said supplies, so now you're fighting the villain in home depot.

  17. When you drop the flashlight while holding it for your dad:

  18. Makes want to move everything in the lumber section

  19. When your on the battlefield and a tank battalion roll up with speakers

  20. This mustve been what god listened too when creating the universe

  21. What playing with Lego felt like as a kid

  22. Marvin Ellison having a battle with Craig menear (CEO of lowes and CEO of home depot)

  23. YES! Adding this to a playlist 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Bob the builder as final boss

  25. *new worker walks in *
    New worker: is the ceo in i hear boss music

  26. "What do you think he's listening to?"
    "Probably death metal"

  27. Me trying to figure out the price of ply wood in my head

  28. I sent this to my band teacher for him to teach us it.

  29. This is what plays when the manager is summoned by a karen

  30. feeling like building the walls of moria

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