Great-Home Depot Has Changed Big Time…

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The economic ninja talks about how big companies like home depot are starting to lose some of the factors that made it great in the first place.

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Great-Home Depot Has Changed Big Time…
Great-Home Depot Has Changed Big Time…
  1. Spoke to my local Home Depot manager. They do say that the customer has changed . That they want faster deliver. Home delivery. And more selection liken Amazon. He stated that the corporation heard them and is investing in warehouses to have items with faster delivery and availability.
    So I researched the subject. I knew they stores had changed they way they warehoused and inventory their stores. Because of regulation and taxation on inventory- it became necessary for corporations to use a “name” company , so to purchase and warehouse items to avoid complicated rules and taxation on unsold stock.
    But that is not how Amazon operates… and Walmart and other stores are catching on. Amazon is mostly shipping. They are a hub for businesses to sell their goods. They do get special pricing. But some of these businesses are small- so I think they may just get a sales fee plus charge them shipping. The items they warehouse are limited-and what they stock are what is trending or moving the most. The volume of moving merchandise is impressive. I think many people assume how businesses operate- but right now, profit margins are pretty low. Sometimes non existent. Because they know, that the customer will stop buying.
    Sizes of merchandise is smaller…in some cases not the same quality… but prices keep going up. Eventually they will feel it.
    It’s important more than ever to support local businesses as these corporations will eventually close because of the banks and the Fed agendas.

  2. Big business is like government , the bugger it gets , the more bureaucracy towards satisfying large volume of customers or citizens ( in the case of government) it develops and naturally the needs of the individual customer or citizen becomes less of a priority and help is left up to the employees' discretion, and if they don't care , customer is screwed.

  3. It is always safer to say "no" than to deviate from the policy. I went to Home Depot to buy a stove and they had one I wanted. They wouldn't sell it to me because someone else said they might buy it. Finally, I got a manager and put 6-hundred-dollar bills on the box and said, "Do you want $600 now or have the other people, maybe, possibly come back some day?" He sold me the stove.

  4. It is difficult to believe that ANY business can be so totally stupid. How do they stay open?

  5. This guy is not joking,,, this same thing happened to me at Lowe’s,,,
    Common sense can not be found!

  6. Welcome to the world of Australia! I blame Government! but politicians and bureaucrats keep giving themselves pay rises for the great jobs the don't do on making your life hell.

  7. They’re idiots. Even the managers are stupid. They need help so bad they’ll hire anyone. No common sense anymore

  8. Yeah, I asked a Kohl’s employee for help with something and it got major attitude.

  9. Seems like so many forget, over the last decade both of these companies slowly got rid of older and or more experienced employees to save money! They would fire them and hire cheaper workers who knew less or very little about what they were selling. Many times letting employees go after decades of loyal work for them, only to offer to let them come back at a starting pay equal to what a kid off the street whose there just for a summer job would be paid. I say let them go down just like how they sunk so many 1000's of long term employees! These CEO's and others who only think about the damn dollar, well guess what you were STUPID enough to get rid of all that helpful knowledge so now it can bite YOU and your greedy shareholders in the A$$!

  10. Took me over an hour to get 2 sheets of plywood cut. Then the manager gave them to me.
    You should have just grabbed the tool you needed and walked out. You already paid for them.

  11. My husband worked for THD and as far back as 2006: the bureaucracy at the store was bad.
    No, there was no “online ordering” as it has been the past 10 years, but it is a misconception that the MANAGER or his team of Ass’t MGRS have the ability to override situations as you describe.
    If customers want something in a rush rush – it probably will not happen. So it’s not something that just started since 2020.

    I was in a THD in my city just 2 days ago and saw the aisles PACKED – as you described. It’s not safe to shop. I needed 4 items, asked for help and got “some help”. Self check out was smooth, but I try to stay out of stores if at all possible.
    I am like you, I really thought the Store Manager had the ability to fix just about anything/situation, misconception.

  12. Not many can remain as calm as you when confronted with Big Corporate idiocy. These Managers learn quickly to tow the idiocy line or their job will be gone. It's the same everywhere, Big Brother is watching and helping a customer with common sense is against corporate policy. It's the first rule most of these Managers learn. The eventyal downfall of these company's will have been well earned.

  13. Making money is not the same as keeping it there is a reason why investments aren't well taught in schools, the examples you gave are well stationed, this is a beautiful piece of designs and am investing my millions, people shy away from hard times, I embrace them.

  14. We used to shop there five days out of seven as general contractors. It got to be such a circus that I've only been in about two or three times a month for the last year. I literally walked out once after paying for two dozen concrete blocks when their assistant manager kept insisting that the common blocks she'd had loaded on a flat cart for me were the same as concrete bond beam blocks. I watched a bunch of others like Lumberjack go broke the same way these guys will.

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