Great-Home Depot VS Professional Plumbing Fixtures

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Today I’m comparing what’s available at the box stores VS what you can get from a plumbing supplier. We’re going to cover durability, functionality, ease of installation and price. Buy the faucet I compared in this video👉🏼 Cheers!

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00:00 Comparing Home Depot Vs. Professional Plumbing Fixtures

19:22 Q&A Starts

19:45 Where can you buy good quality plumbing fixtures?

36:45 Are Ikea plumbing fixtures good quality?

40:08 How do I seal around a junction box on the exterior wall?

49:56 Should I caulk the trim before or after painting walls and trim?


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Great-Home Depot VS Professional Plumbing Fixtures
Great-Home Depot VS Professional Plumbing Fixtures
  1. Thanks for joining everyone, join us next Tuesday at 5pm EST for our next live show. Let me know in the comments which products you want me to review next. That was fun! Cheers

  2. you said MSRP but described MAP (minimum advertised pricing). if you're a reseller you're not always obligated to MSRP, but you're always obgligated to MAP. It's in the name – one is suggested, the other is a minimum. MAP pricing is why we have odd situations sometimes where you can't see sale prices until you get the object into the shopping cart.

  3. How to get your recommended daily intake of iron.
    Set your coffee cup nearby. Use your grinder to get metal shavings into your coffee. Drink up your iron fortified coffee.
    (Just kidding. Good video.)

  4. Home Depot I can tell you is crap. One try to get replacement parts most likely you will wait and get the wrong parts. Pay the commercial price for real quality and then when it is time to replace parts you will be able. Use cheap crap if you just want it to last as long as it does and then just replace it again. I do this for a living.

  5. By no means trust plumbing companies for good pricing! They could not give a dam if they are raping you. They are all about 1000 % profit.

  6. 49:30 Water pressure too high coming from city system.

    You have to get a pressure reducer (not cheap) if you want to get down to normal.

    80 psi is a bit high. I've seen 120 PSI from the city system.
    High pressure reduces life of valves/washers/valve seats and diaphrams. Generally the pipes will survive 200 psi, sometimes more.
    You can be replacing the water valves of a washing machine every month at 120 psi. Toilet float valves less than a year life at that pressure.

    I was doing lawn sprinkler installation and we sold a lot of pressure reducers and they saved people a lot of money in repair bills for the rest of the house. (no warranty on the sprinkler system without the reducer if water pressure was 90 psi or above The solenoid valves wouldn't last a week at 120 psi)

    You can survive the 80 psi, but I'd get the reducer. Set it at 50 psi.

  7. 57:15 Long electric run… you want direct burial if code allows. 24 inches OR MORE below the sod. (check code. It will be 24 inches or more in "continental" USA)

    Buried conduit fills with water every time… so you have to use a direct burial rated wire anyway and conduit that is buried code might require it be sloped like plumbing drains and have a wai for water to get out. It's a mess. Avoid buried conduit beyond the piece to protect the transition from below ground to above.

    I'm about to pull 170 ft of 10/3 + ground direct burial under between house and a shed for lights. (and potential future loads) And I don't actually have building codes beyond National Electrical Code (and nobody inspects here)… my wire will be direct burial and 24 inches down with a 9 inch frost line.

  8. I make a product for fractions of a penny and sell it $15 MSRP…


  9. I was at kbis this year was vegas. So iam assuming orlando for next year

  10. This is with everything. Take a look into the car parts industry. Just gotta know where to search for parts.

  11. Always buy Moen plain and simple for the general consumer.

  12. Watching you handle the angle grinder like that with no guard gave me serious heebie jeebies

  13. I didn't know Pontiacs had improved

  14. Putting in new fixtures and not buying Grohe? Cringe.

  15. You know I had a 4 year old delta faucet that started leaking under the kitchen counter.. fortunately had a mat to protect from small leaks but in all honesty after that I went with Home Depot brand glacier bay because of the life time warranty where you can just bring it back to the store and walk out with a replacement… to me this is good enough. Only time I go high end is shower faucets because it’s in the wall and easier to find parts long term.

  16. I buy lots faucets for my airbnb and long term rental properties. 25 total properties. I only buy from Costco now. They sell solid stainless steel faucets with German valves way for around $60. I am hoping to not have to replace another faucet in at least 10 years. They are made by AKA Stainless. Highly recommend.

  17. This goes for medicine too by the way, generic is THE EXACT SAME as brand name. Same goes for clothing, shoes, wtcy

  18. I live in Vegas, an oven. I have an ac unit on the roof which will die soon. I have read that an ac unit with a shade lasts longer, and doesn't have to work as hard. How can I get a shade structure on my roof to shade my next ac unit?

  19. Where can I get a drinking mug like that?

  20. I have two kitchen sinks. I bought 2 matching kitchen faucets 15 years ago and one of the faucets needed a part replaced. I couldn't remember the model number so I called Moen to find out the model number. Moen told me to send them a photo of the faucet. They send me the part I needed to fix the faucet. I didn't remember about the lifetime warranty, let alone I didn't think they would cover it after 15 years. I'm happy! I didn't have to buy the part or buy two new faucets. I will buy Moen again.

    And, I bought a Moen magnetic shower head that is very handy!

  21. The distributor / contractor racket has been going on for so long, and it makes things 2x 3x more expensive like he showed. There is quality stuff out there, but it costs CONSIDERABLY more, so by the time it goes through the 2x or 3x racket – it's unaffordable.

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