amazing-We watched shoplifters steal from Nike, Home Depot and Target. Nobody stopped them.

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Police, prosecutors, retailers, private security and neighbors complain shoplifting or organized retail crime is a citywide epidemic in Portland — largely fueled by drug addiction. Criminals are literally stealing merchandise off store shelves and walking out the front door with little or no fear of being arrested or prosecuted.

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amazing-We watched shoplifters steal from Nike, Home Depot and Target. Nobody stopped them.
amazing-We watched shoplifters steal from Nike, Home Depot and Target. Nobody stopped them.
  1. Update: New data shows Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt is prosecuting less than half of all misdemeanor theft cases sent to his office by police. So far in 2022, prosecutors in Multnomah County are prosecuting 46% of theft cases involving less than $1,000 in goods. That’s compared to an 84% prosecution rate in Clackamas County, and a 93% prosecution rate in Washington County for the same crimes, according to data provided by all three offices. Click here for the latest:

  2. I wonder what race most of these shoplifters are. ha . nevermind everyone knows.

  3. Why pay for anything anymore keep your money in the Bank and just take the products. If we are going to have to pay higher prices because of these thieves then I'm going to reep these rewards myself. Now im off to shop without cash, What a country.

  4. These A-Holes are one of many reasons why I and YOU are paying higher prices at stores. There has to be a better solution to this whole situation. Maybe chop some fingers off or a hand off if they are a adult? I don't know, it just pisses me off.

  5. Crime is problem – not an "issue."

  6. America, supposedly the best country in the world. This is disgraceful.

  7. Remember when people had pride and used to go to school and work? Society is full of lazy scum today. Useless.

  8. If these lazy pieces shi&t would put half the effort into earning a paycheck….society has just given up.

  9. Those people are destroying their own city and future.

  10. So cops know but prefere to sit out on the street to book a motorist for not indicating or coming to a complete DEAD STOP on a stop sign.
    You may not think so,… but Governments cause all the problems in society.

  11. they dont give a fck, they live as if the world is made just for their short lifetime

  12. That woman you approached was just a bum, lol. That's why you were able to catch her, she was slow.

  13. F all the liberal law makers! They are responsible for all the crimes in this country!

  14. Democrats are the ones whom teaching is to steal and rob whenever we can with no consequences! They are responsible for all these shxt!

  15. Thank you Democrats for your smart liberal laws. Thieves and criminals thank you for your ingenius policies.

  16. Offerup is hot in those areas for good deals.

  17. If I had the network and the resources – we'd end this in one generation. Boom, boom – out go the lights.

  18. they all voted for this, reap the consequences leftards

  19. Call me a racist but the majority of thieves/looting are black people, not all, and they give the other descent black people a bad name. From grandparents, parents and their children. They also take advantage of covid, where you can't really see their full face because of mask. I hope one of these day they will reap what they sow. I always believe it came from their roots and where they originally from….the Africa.🙄

  20. They moved to a white folks neighborhood too and little that you know, the whites moved out and the community becomes run down ghetto community. Sooner or later most states will become Detroit, Baltimore, etc. Heck, look at the Mayor in Baltimore that's crooked too.😂

  21. The employees don't even care anymore. If I buy something that doesn't fit in a bag I try to hand them my receipt so they can check it . They just nod and tell me to go. Don't even glance at the receipts. 😕

  22. Common thieves stealing from corporate thieves. These corporate clowns make so much money they don't even care about losing millions in theft. Its been going on for years. Look up how much walmart costs taxpayers…

  23. Nothing is the same after COVID

  24. Those aren't shoplifters, those are the #1 crime issue facing America black thugs.portland ? Minneapolis St Paul? Your getting what you deserve

  25. Portland voted for this! They are just getting what they asked for. Sit in the pile you've created for yourself.

  26. Portland is a cess pool. The reason I moved out of Oregon.

  27. 🐒🦧 They're just collecting reparations…

  28. I work in retail, it's non stop theft… every day people come in and take stuff and we just have to watch it happen. I work in a wealthy and somewhat rural area, it's happening everywhere. Welcome to America, where you're punished for obeying the law and standing up for what's right! Land of the free has a whole new meaning.

  29. Make it a mandatory 5 years in prison for any theft over the amount of $0.01… I bet we see some changes

  30. How can they go about this entire segment without mentioning the actual problem? Its not just lack of police or businesses complying with the needs of theft criminals. Majority of these crimes are committed by a race that is immune to encounters with the police. They and their crimes are protected with a privilege that has become so privileged that the very act of pointing it out can result an officer losing their job. The fact this channel desperately tried to find a white woman for their content instead of the real frequent theft flyers is also part of the problem, as they will get fired too or cancelled. since when do people have to worry about being cancelled for pointing out obvious crime? At some point an entire culture, where getting away with theft, crime and drugs is at the core of their values, needs to be addressed. We can start by making sure officers do not fall victim to the false race card that is chronically used and supported by a certain party. They only start to tell truth when the crimes affect them personally which is starting to happen more often as the problem grows.

  31. But let's defund the police. This is only the beginning folks.

  32. America is free-falling into a state of anarchy. Drugs, crime, theft, violence & it's too late to stop it.
    What a dump!

  33. Where's that follow-up with the wife's boyfriend. 🤣
    While the stolen merch has a price, that response is priceless.

  34. D E M O C R A T I N F E S T E D V O T E R S & P O L I T I C I A N S

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