homedepot-Home Depot raises hourly wage to $15 an hour amid nationwide labor shortage

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Insider reporter Ben Tobin joins “CBS News Mornings” to discuss why the Home Depot is making this move and what it signals about the job market.

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homedepot-Home Depot raises hourly wage to $15 an hour amid nationwide labor shortage
homedepot-Home Depot raises hourly wage to $15 an hour amid nationwide labor shortage

  2. They raised their dividend too. Thanks plebs 😎

  3. I worked at home depot for 5 years and left getting g paid 12.75 your raises are 10 15 cents a year and only one employee gets a 25cent raise each year. They expect the employee to be able to tell customers what's needed for there electrical plumbing building needs but if you have any experience with them your not working at home depot for minimum wage. So don't ask employees for help because 95% won't know how to help you other then show you where it is in the store.
    As for the ceo he only makes 1.3 million which is not much for a ceo of a company that size the main thing is his bonuses and stock options he gets 5.8 million in stock 1.5 million in option awards 4.3million in compensation plan and 72,089 in other forms of compensation. So he says he makes 1.3 million but really it's over 10million.

  4. Even someone working side money fr college would want 20-25. I’m sure it’s nice fr areas with super low housing cost, but it still laughably low

  5. I'm so opportuned irrespective of the economic crisis and financial conditions I am still able to earn $33,500 returns from my initial $6,500 every 10days

  6. $15 an hour this is 20 $20-$15 an hour was a lot of money 20 years ago it wasn’t even a lot it was OK I made that kind of money when I was 19 years old I’m 46 I can’t believe Home Depot is just getting to $15 an hour

  7. And it's still not enough, here in Denver you can get paid $18 an hour to sit and run a cash register at a gas station

  8. I hope they know most factories start at $18- 21 an hour for entry level positions. $15 lol

  9. They lying the Canadian Workers already get paid more than 15 an hr .

  10. Good news for the employees ? 15 an hr does not mean anything in hyper inflation 15 an hr now can not even buy what 8 hr an hour could buy 10 years ago.

  11. No amount of money is enough. Having to deal with the terrible customers at the Eden Prairie, MN store.

  12. Lol what's $15 an hr in Biden economy

  13. It's still not enough. These CEOs are greedy and cheap.

  14. Lmao, stupidity lat it's best. So let's say every business raised employees wages. Don't you think they will also raise they're prices to compensate for it. So isn't that Same employee in the same place they were in. Lmao and when it comes to layoffs don't you think they will be the first and probably be replaced by automation. 🤷

  15. meanwhile, Ford expects you to pay $53,000 for a front wheel drive, unibody car with a small 4 cylinder engine.

  16. Our great grandparents set fire to cheap business and beat CEOs who didn't pay fair. Just saying

  17. 😂😢😅 low wage why effort?

  18. I helped clean out my grandfather's house when he passed away. We found his paystubs from the steel mill in the 1960's. He was making over $18.00 an hour and that was over 60 years ago. He quit school at 15, so I don't think he had any special skills to offer. Home Depot should be ashamed to pay $15.00 an hour. It's a worthless wage.

  19. $15? They won’t find anyone

  20. What they need to do is invest in promotions and upward mobility within the company. People WILL want to work for you if they have incentives. INSTEAD all these retail companies pass up people for promotions for hot shots fresh out of college who never worked and people from other companies all the time. 🗑️ business model.

  21. Local grocery stores by me pay more than that for baggers lol

  22. And why didn’t they do this before? And it’s still not enough. $15hr is terrible.

  23. Home Depot pays me 18 hr but I work overnight and no I don’t commit to full time because it’s not worth it

  24. I worked at home depot as a full time salesfloor associate. I was making about $16 an hour but i quit because its basically a warehouse job that pays retail wages.

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