amazing-Plant Shopping Big Box Stores! | What's new at Lowe's and Home Depot | May 2022

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I go plant shopping at 2 big box stores, and I show what’s new at Lowe’s and Home Depot for May 2022. I haven’t filmed at these 2 big box store locations yet so I’m excited to show you guys around! Both big box stores had a good selection of plants!

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amazing-Plant Shopping Big Box Stores! | What's new at Lowe's and Home Depot | May 2022
amazing-Plant Shopping Big Box Stores! | What's new at Lowe's and Home Depot | May 2022
  1. The plant 🌵☘️ so beautiful ❤️

  2. How much fun. I could do this for hours.

  3. Wow, what a selection of plants! I have to go to Home Depot this afternoon for non plant reasons but of course I’ll have to peruse their plants as I always do. I must have a magnetic attraction to the plant section that compels me to walk there no matter what I need from the store. Even If I was standing still the magnetic pull would slide me across the floor right into the plant area.

  4. Some super plants,Melissa
    Many thanks for sharing

  5. I found a hoya curtisii and a Monstera Peru at a walmart a few days ago! I was thrilled!!!!!

  6. I went to a different HD this week and found a mini-variegated lipstick plant from Costa Farms. I was happy for that find!

  7. I wish I could take you with me when I go looking at Lowes and Home Depot. They look like plants. Some I recognize. Most I don’t.

  8. Why does no one like crotons. I’ve heard other people disparage them

  9. I found a beautiful huge golden pothos at my lowes not too long ago! Sounds boring but I’ve never seen one with such big leaves cause many of them are bigger than my hand so I had to get it 🙂

  10. Purple passion Is a drama queen. Does easily if you miss watering it. I’ve tried twice. I’ll let it go for a while before I try again.

  11. My closest Lowe's is an hour away but going tomorrow. So hoping I find a Hoya! Thanks for the tours!

  12. Love your videos! Was that hurricane ferns at 14:24? Thank you!

  13. Lmao I don’t make eye contact either😂 bloopers were on point haha💕

  14. Lol love the bloopers so good

  15. Amazing …i love shopping plants in home depot and lowes.

  16. My local Home Depot is NOT the place to find anything healthy and/or unusual. But traveling a bit for beautiful healthy plants is my passion! This Home Depot was well stocked!

  17. Are you by chance in the Savannah area?? Those trees look mighty familiar lol. I’m out here too, we’ll I’m Richmond Hill so just down the rd. Definitely heading to Home Depot to get those Hoyas! Thanks for sharing

  18. What area is that? Love all the plant options.

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