Great-$500 Walmart vs Home Depot Boat Build Challenge!

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We challenge ourselves to build boats with a $500 budget from walmart vs Home Depot! Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed and don’t forget to Subscribe!

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Great-$500 Walmart vs Home Depot Boat Build Challenge!
Great-$500 Walmart vs Home Depot Boat Build Challenge!
  1. 4000 likes & we do a $100 vs $1000 boat build challenge 🚤

  2. Yakpak has got this joint…

  3. Great vid Yak Pac your boat could have been suck it you just turned the buckets sideways they would have never rolled out.and Tray almost had it for a min he was doing good.

  4. Very funny 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks 🙏

  5. Treys freakouts are the best … LOL

  6. Could use double side tape

  7. Let’s face it. Boat build challenges are the best. Hope to see you an LoJo do one soon!

  8. love the vids. you are amazing!!!!!

  9. 😂😂😂Always non water resistant duct tape. Kills me

  10. Someone teach Yak math, $50 is not the majority of his budget.. its easily the minority

  11. If home depot sells air matresses buy a queen air matress, sheet of plywood, a few 8 foot 1×1's, screws, lawn chair. Lay the plyood on the air mattess and build a simple 1×1 frame off the bottom of the plywood to encase the air mattress and you have a stable boat that you can stand and fish from

  12. lmao… why not just take 6 or 8 coolers and connect them together to make a boat – without the trash can? drill, zipties, flexseal, and paracord should be all ya need to pull it off.

  13. What about a fishing challenge only using a hook, line, weight, and a remote control boat?

  14. When this popped up on my recommended videos, I thought it was “some” “other” YouTube fishing/boatbuilder/challenge creators 😂 still enjoyed watching the chaos and ingenuity.

  15. High expansion spray foam is your best friend that's what all buoys are made out of life preservers and the popular Boston Whaler PS I heard someone saying one of these panels that it doesn't work that's obviously bull

  16. Hi YakPac , love al you guys adventures . Fancy using a rake as a paddle ! Do Ayo & Norm use forks to eat soup ? Lol M

  17. Wow… 60 degrees is reeaaly cold…

  18. Putting lids on buckets is a work out lmao I wish I got paid for nothin too shit work my ass off and still worried about bills y’all spend 100$ 1000$ on dumb shit and just another day sweating putting lids on buckets

  19. 9:15 that’s not gonna work. You should have drilled holes and used zip ties to hold them together. Then wrap with flex seal tape.

  20. Smh , 🤦 I love you guys, BUT, I'm only halfway through and as usual ,, y'all SUCK at building any sort of platform that's stable in water/to fish from 😂 .
    And I mean that in a nice way.. doesn't matter if it's Lojo,norm, ayo, or you guys lol
    You have to get weight under the water line .
    Think about ballast that the old ships used when they were empty.. otherwise they'd flip rite over.. or you've got to be wide like a pontoon, jon boat or floating dock .. the less you do, the more balance it takes until there isn't enough.
    But I guess I wouldn't laugh so hard if you got it right… So , nevermind…
    Continue 🤣

  21. Legitimately thought you were going to grap the rake next to the shovels when you said look at that

  22. Didn’t expect these to work so well

  23. All y’all do is boat build it sucks

  24. Bro that Flex seal tape works way better then duct tape.

  25. My eardrums had gone just at the intro

  26. Why so loud 📢😵‍💫💥

  27. I have an idea, do a week long boat build , You have build the best boat that will hold and trolling motor and actually have a casting deck (and not a pontoon)

  28. I had a boat. Sunk it.

  29. This was awesome 😂😂😂😂

  30. Yakpak why you screaming so much

  31. you better off buying 5 gallon water jug and zip tying that to pvc pipe

  32. Man 62 is not freezing

  33. I thought I might put I hint into your next build. Home depot has those 2 to 3" thick sheets of foam installation with flex tape you can make an actually nice boat. LOL funny stuff love it

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