Great-Home Depot Supplier – How to Become Home Depot Supplier

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Home Depot Supplier – How to Sell a Product to Home Depot and Become a Home Depot Supplier…A Quick Tip!

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Hey everyone, this is Karen Waksman, founder of Retail MBA and today I want to talk about becoming a Home Depot supplier. Now, the reason I decided to create this particular segment is because I teach thousands of product companies across the country on the subject of selling to retailers and one of the questions that comes up all the time is, “How do I get my products into a retailer such as Home Depot?” And so I really wanted to take a minute to give you some value and to support you in your quest of getting your products in the stores.

So, let’s talk about Home Depot. Well, first of all- the reason people are interested in that store is because they have over two thousand stores that they are responsible for. So, this is a retailer that has tremendous buying power and you obviously want to get your product in front of that many people, especially if you have a hardware product or a garden product or whatever related home improvement-type products people want to sell to Home Depot.

Now, what happens with a retailer such as Home Depot is that they typically have a corporate buying office where one buyer buys products for that particular retailer. So, for instance, if you have like a home improvement tool, or something like that, you can find a buyer that would buy that product for all of the Home Depot Stores so there is usually one corporate buyer who buys for that particular- for all of their stores.

But Home Depot is a little bit different; they also have the ability to buy on a local level. Now, this is really interesting for some of you who are just getting started and are maybe having some challenges getting into the big stores and also for those of you who are reaching out to these retailers and maybe you’re having some challenges, working with Home Depot can really make a big difference for you. If you’re getting stuck somewhere, this strategy can really support you.

So, Home Depot has kind of evolved into allowing store managers to buy products on a local level. So, what that means for you is that you can conceivably sell your product to just one Home Depot store and not all two thousand of them. So again, why is that interesting to you? Well, if you have a product and you don’t necessarily have the financial means to go after major retailers such as the home Depot right now; because you are worried about the volume that they’re going to be handling and so forth, if a retailer has a local buying program, that means that you could conceivably just sell to one particular store. And that means… although they buy a smaller quantity which could be great for you, depending on your product or where you’re at in the process especially for a small company.

That’s awesome but the other thing is that you could tell people, “Hey, I’ve sold into Home Depot…” but you personally know that you’re selling this product on a local level. Essentially what it really means is that if you are trying to get into Home Depot and you can’t get in front of the corporate buying office to actually sell that product to them, consider reaching out to the store manager at your local Home Depot and letting them know about your product. Just sincerely go, bring your product with you, drive your car to a Home Depot, talk to the local store manager and say, “Hey, do you have a local buying program for this particular Home Depot?” And a lot of times, they’ll say yes and then you can work accordingly to try and get your product in that particular store.

Again, it’s just a really great way to get started with a new product and to support yourself but while having this big brand name of having people know that you sold into Home Depot but not, maybe, selling to all of their stores. You can start out small and the cool thing is if you do well with that Home Depot product at that particular store, you can go and drive to other Home Depots, sell to those stores and then ultimate build your brand that way, show proof of sales and then I guarantee at that point, if it does well, you can actually sell to Home Depot corporate and really grow your brand. So this is supportive in so many ways, especially for a small company or just a company really just trying to grow their business.

Anyways, there are so many other things to know about selling at Home Depot, so if you’re interested in learning more, please take a look at the link below; my website is Essentially, we have a training program that supports people on how exactly to get into a retailer such as Home Depot. So, if you want to learn more, please take a look at our training program because we’re there to support you.

Great-Home Depot Supplier – How to Become Home Depot Supplier
Great-Home Depot Supplier – How to Become Home Depot Supplier
  1. Hi I'm a Mexican America women restaurant owner who was approached by a Whole Foods Market local foyger to produce my vegan soup in four local stores which would be served in their soup bar. I would make the soup in my resturant then deliver. It was a very low risk investment. I was given forms and insurance policies to complete. Unfortunately to make to make any real money I would need the be In 22 stores requiring a co packer and delivery drivers. Money that I don't have. What would you do? Is this an opportunity of a lifetime?

  2. Great information Karen. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing. Knowledge is power.  I plan to watch all of your videos as I am learning so much. Its also true, that the product does not have to be my very own to sell it to someone like Homedepot.  If the margins are good, I could buy and re-sale products and or be a middleman, correct?  For example a widget from Japan or China that has no access to my local stores. I could buy and or have the money placed in an Escrow account and once the products are received as promised the buyer would release the funds, the original vendor will then receive their money, minus my commision.  This is possible to, correct?   I read this somewhere but have not yet tried it myself.  

  3. You are an amazing speaker …. Great video. Thanks.

  4. This is good to know. Thanks.
    I supplied fixtures to them and now I want to sell products. As a distribution new company, we need to try every way posible to get to the stores So local ones can be a start.

  5. we from Asia, can we become a supplier?

  6. Hi Karen, I am in Canada. Can I get my company registered with HOME DEPOT ? When started registration as a vendor , it is asking for UAS company no. etc. Guide me how I can be a supplier to home depot from Canada ?

  7. Sorry correct it as  USA instead of UAS in my last comments

  8. Hi, great video, thanks for putting it out there and educating people about these opportunities. I am interested in licensing to Home Depot, as in letting them make my product under their in house HDX brand. Do you have any programs that focused on that? Same for Ace and True Value as well. Thanks!

  9. Hi Karen, I'm trying to get my  product into Home Depot  and Ace stores, will most stores have a buyers program or just different stores?.

  10. nice! thanks for the videos!

  11. Thanks a lot I'm very Happy it's golding information.

  12. it should not take 5 minutes to stay "go talk with the branch manager of the local home depot"

  13. God bless you. Great channel.

  14. Does this system still exist? Can't seem to find anything like that

  15. I'm interested in licensing my patented product to home depot but it seems like I can't reach the decision makers to even give my pitch. I contacted home depot directly but they told me they don't take solicited information. I'm good with 5% of the profits and I know it will sell. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with this end.

  16. Kindly help me how to dropship on Amazon

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