homedepot-Witnesses say victim killed in Pleasanton Home Depot shooting was trying to stop theft

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The victim shot at a Home Depot in Pleasanton Tuesday afternoon has died, Alameda County Coroner confirmed this evening. In a statement to KTVU, Home Depot said the man who was shot and killed was an employee. Witnesses said he was shot while confronting potential shoplifters.

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homedepot-Witnesses say victim killed in Pleasanton Home Depot shooting was trying to stop theft
homedepot-Witnesses say victim killed in Pleasanton Home Depot shooting was trying to stop theft
  1. i Can’t Believe Something like this would happen in Such a bright & friendly neighborhood!! i work at the lazy dog restaurant on the other side of the bridge!! Prayers for the family!!

  2. Now that you're in the company of the thousands of other parents who also lost their children to gun violence, be sure to thank Republicans and their 'Gun God'. I'm sure the NRA, as always, love these news reports and the REVENUE they bring to stockholders and corrupt Republican politicians who continue to cash in on their votes in support of the NRA.

  3. 🤯🤯🤯 when people are getting shot in Pleasanton smh…….

  4. The DA will be like Murder for theft?, SEND THEM HOME IMMEDIATELY,$0 bail, give them their gun back too!

    Oh maybe he will also help the suspects get a lawyer to sue Home Depot for putting them in a situation to steal and kill because they were enticed by merchandise. So it’s actually Home Depot’s fault.

    I Honestly think they’re purposely tanking California, get a mass exodus, then change the laws, clean the cities up, and raise those prices! This is a very common theory that the average person can figure out.

  5. How sad. My condolences. Please everyone, not worth to stop shoplifting when we in lawless land

  6. Vermin scum running wild in the Bay Area.

  7. Politician pointing finger each other and as the result the US is not safe anymore. Are both party politicians deserve salary?
    Rest in Peace, Blake.

  8. Thank God Newsom loosened our laws😡

  9. This just a a hate crime

  10. To protect merchandise for a billion dollar insured company that Dosent give two fucks about you.

  11. Rest in peace with God and all the angels and God bless the family and prison for life for those responsible.

  12. I hope Home Depot will pay for the funeral
    No amount of merchandise is worth your life

  13. 🍌🍌🍌🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦

  14. not supposed to try and stop the thief…

  15. The stupid redneck from Tennessee was wrong, you WILL get arrested for stealing any amount. Stupid redneck listening to Fox News like a stupid redneck, thinks what he hears is true.

  16. So funny. I related the story of a family member escorting a drugged out schizophrenic putz throwing bottles of wine While he was WITHIN IN FEET OF TODDLERS. SENIOR CITIZENS,AND OTHERS WITHIN FEET ……NOT YARDS.
    For those who's armchair knowledge of the law, a desire to argue because they use their " superior intellect" and a backwards sense of right and wrong —- WAKE UP. Sometimes your " courageous conversations" or ability to dig up city statutes with a 72 turnaround DOESN'T HELP! I just gotta say has anybody with this flawed thinking stopped innocent people from being hurt before? Probably not, because they'll argue with good folks instead of showing some balls and trying to protect others.
    LOok , if your genius level thinking works so well-+—- why did these conversations start discussing the tragic and senseless death if a Home Depot security guard. If he technically had the training and latitude to address a thief and then was shit and killed . .. …well then maybe your flawed arguments are just that—– flawed arguments Good God people are ass backwards. Lucky YouTube !!!! So many geniuses on here and if only everybody else adhered to their lameass citation of criminal codes, well the world's problems would be solved. BEFORE SOME OTHER BUTTON PUSHING IDIOT PIPES U P—– KEEP THE REASON THIS VIDEO EXISTS. ITS BECAUSE A YOUNG GUY KAST HIS LIFE IN RETAIL . Sorry to his friends and family and sorry to the nation because most folks have more hot air than they dude balls and a sense of right and wrong

  17. Bomb Oakland. Problem.

  18. How did guys like the green shirt dude think these policies would end?

  19. This man was killed over a phone charger ! And the protesters cant understand why store security had to shoot and kill Banko the shoplifter after he attacked them. Arm and protect yourself from the protected class., because nobody else will.

  20. Most large companies have policies about employees confronting shoplifters and will fire you.
    I hope home depot will be respectful and pay for his funeral.

  21. Why not these stupid managers of the home depot stores tell their employees never engage in trying to stop someone from stealing it's not worth to lose you life over theft unfortunately this guy did but home Depot stores & CEO see all dollars so they let their employees engage to try & stop thieves which many other cases like this one has happened at home Depot stores.

  22. The wish washy attitude that guy (green jacket and sunglasses) had about crime is the problem in this country.

  23. No bail, no prosecute, no consequences, NO LAW AND ORDERR.

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