Great-Listen to What Home Depot Founder Says #shorts

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Listen to What Home Depot Founder Says #shorts

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Daily Wire reports, Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, denounced the younger “woke generation” for being lazy. In an interview with Fox News, the businessman said companies are having trouble attracting and retaining young workers.

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Great-Listen to What Home Depot Founder Says #shorts
Great-Listen to What Home Depot Founder Says #shorts
  1. liberals are useless

  2. "….entitlement!" An entire generation of LOSERS!!!!!

  3. Home Depot was so much better under Bernie!

  4. Huge reality check incoming. No one who survives what’s coming will feel entitled to anything.

  5. Sounds spot frickin on to me! Especially in regard to sense of entitlement! Want something, get off your ass and work for it !

  6. In other words, a bunch of spoiled brats!

  7. the employers are treating the young workers badly. The young hard worker gets treated bad the lazier worker is awarded. This causes the hard worker to quit. Employers are the problem. They need to treat all the workers the same. I know a couple of young men that have been used by employers… then miss they quit. then the employer hires a new employee at a lower wage.

  8. This "Woke culture" bullshit is just a passing fad like the stupid hippies and yippies back in the day. These idiots think they are really making a difference in the world but won't they be surprised to discover they are nothing more than a laughing stock.

  9. I have noticed that more of the staff at HD and the grocery store are grey haired. I'm 76 and work 10 hours per week; boss said she had to terminate another one whose work was below acceptable minimum and needed me to cover. She was willing to pay a premium for a reliable worker like me.

  10. I worked 14 yrs Home Depot and loved it. Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. Wonderfull philanthropist and business men. Company has values and was built on their foundation.

  11. The reason it’s hard to find works in todays market is People are tried of literally force to give half of their hard earned money to a corrupt government. Instead of we Americans that are paying Taxes aren’t benefiting from the money we Pay in. Instead this Corrupt government sends billions of our hard earned taxes dollars to a corrupt country we don’t give a damn about. Claiming they are saving democracy , BULLSH$$

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