homedepot-Greatest Circular Saw Deal @HomeDepot

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Greatest Makita Circular Saw Tool Deal at the home depot for the holidays 2022!
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homedepot-Greatest Circular Saw Deal @HomeDepot
homedepot-Greatest Circular Saw Deal @HomeDepot
  1. Yo Vince! I have that saw and it's a comfortable BEAST! The dual rapid charger also charges both batteries at the same time plus, has a USB charge port on the front. Not wall mountable, though. 🤷‍♂️ In any case, take care and God bless 😁👍✌

  2. I got lucky last year. I bought it from tool nut, they contacted me telling me they were out of stock. Told them to get the identical deal (except had handle on top). Same price, 4 batteries dual charger etc… they sent me the other saw, and then a month and a half later refunded my money… I don't know why but I got the saw kit for free. It works great too, rips like no other.

  3. Got this rear handle saw in July with the free jig saw, came to $154 for the saw with two 5ah batteries. Absolutely love it, practically cuts perfectly square cuts on its own 😉

  4. Absolutely love mine!! Bogo: the multitool – love it!!!

  5. Went to the home depot for some new milwaukee tools. Now I have blue mixed with my red in the packout.

  6. I wish we had deals this good in the uk🇬🇧

  7. Just ordered it on the HD app for my father, too good of a deal to pass on. Thanks for the videos VCG

  8. I wish milwaukee had a rear handle circ saw deal like that wth lol

  9. I just bought mine here in Canada baretool is 369 Canadian.

  10. This is one of the best rear handle circ saws in the market as long as you don't mind not having an LED light. I got one of these early this year for $249 with a free 18V LXT tool. I got the ratchet, then I returned it and ended up paying only $169 or so for the saw with the 2 5Ah batteries, bag and dual charger.
    But I admit this deal is even better. I know I wouldn't return the batteries, that's for sure LOL

  11. HD also had the sidewinder kit with the same kind of deal. Ordered it online from HD… the batteries almost instantly, but the saw…well…looks like it’s waaay backordered.

  12. I saw the top handle 36v version for 199. Is that version of the saw just as good?

  13. Just picked this up with the big packout rolling tool chest and tool case to get $90 off $299 in packout. I ended up having to spend $30 on a Milwaukee bit set (also on sale) to reach $500 and use my HD credit card coupon for $75 off a $500 purchase. You have to find this saw and batteries in store as it's not available online anymore. I'm not sure, but I think 12 months interest free financing is also available on this purchase.

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