amazing-Every Guy at Home Depot

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“I honestly have no idea what any of these tools are for.” Standup comedian John Crist details what guy go through at Home Depot.

John Crist is a standup comedian. For more video, bio and live tour dates, visit

amazing-Every Guy at Home Depot
amazing-Every Guy at Home Depot
  1. Mate, totally phoned in. You can't find help at Home Depot ever.

  2. If you're iq is 10 yeah

  3. I work at The Home Depot. I hate when customers come through my line and you have to measure the boards they have. Especially if they have a lot then it’s difficult for me. I’m terrible at math when it comes to measurements and calculating the total length of each board. It’s sad. I know. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Yeah yeah yeah.

  4. This can't be Home Depot because there's an employee asking him if he needs assistance.

  5. People tend to take for granted the vast knowledge and experience actually needed by expert trade craftsmen to do quality repair/remodeling. Even with all the youtube DIY vids out there nothing like experience and the hard-earned knowledge to go with it.

  6. If you are a gay man you head straight to the bath rooms. I mean at Home Depot they are like happening. 😜

  7. I love this guy’s satire.

  8. I hate depot. I can never find anyone. I load 25 bags of mulch they guy fi ally shows up after I finished. He has probably hiding behind plants.

  9. FIrst guy I've ever heard admit publicly that he "needs a bigger one"

  10. More like every "pansy man" at home depot

  11. How does this have millions of views

  12. Everyone keeps saying fractions around here LOL

  13. My husband (an engineer) every time he goes to Home Depot he complains about how the US is stupid for either a) using the imperial system and not metric or b) using nominal dimensions instead of the real dimensions for things (like 2x4s and how they’re not actually 2” x 4”)

  14. My favorite Father’s Day card I ever gave my dad says:
    measure twice,
    cut once,
    say “crap” three times and go back to the hardware store

  15. Well, I go to Lowes but, the fraction bit- I almost stopped breathing, I laughed so much.

  16. “I’m a guy; I don’t even need a bathroom; I’ll just go outside. Actually give me one of these orange buckets; I’ll just use this. “😂

  17. Pro tip: if you ever need help in Home Depot, just find the oldest guy working in hardware. I guarantee you he'll know the answer to your questions. He might be a little cranky but he knows, he's trying his best though and he's old just be patient. 😔

  18. led bulbs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. As someone who works for home Depot I can 100% say most customers are like that

  20. Worked at Home Depot! True! Thank you! 🤣👍

  21. Damn still knows more than a menards customer 😩

  22. As someone who usec to work at Home Depot, this is common

  23. This guy is exactly like my roommate: so stubborn to convince everyone including himself that he knows what he’s doing but the truth is he’s completely just full of himself

  24. Customer service in a Home Depot is extremely difficult to find! Yet they have carts that lock up preventing thief’s from leaving the store, maybe if y’all worked on ur customer service skills you wouldn’t have as many shoplifting incidents. “Lead bulbs?! Oh LED” lmao.

  25. That's every Lowe's customer at Home Depot. Real Home Depot shoppers are in the bathroom decommissioning the plumbing at 7:23am on a Thursday

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  27. lol this is me to a t, i m 27 and always hated manual labor. Everytime i went to some of these shops with my dad they re like a foreign uninteligible planet to me

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