Great-Home Depot co-founder has a message for the ‘woke generation’

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Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus argues the ‘woke’ agenda doesn’t consider the economy’s ‘bottom line.’ #FOXBusiness

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Great-Home Depot co-founder has a message for the ‘woke generation’
Great-Home Depot co-founder has a message for the ‘woke generation’
  1. Socialism: They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work, given time the printing press runs out of ink.

  2. Black rock is WOKE. Do not invest with them.

  3. Could it be not that they are lazy but that they don't want to work for your company or another company that keeps them as part-time but yet they work 40hrs a week for more than 2 years? Could that be part of the problem? You mentioned caring for shareholders and the employees. Is that how one shows care for employees? You did get one thing correct and that was there is entitlement that has brought on this problem but I am not sure you have the right people.

  4. Not here to watch the video. Just here to say fox News is TRASH.

  5. We love Home Depot!! No woke business will get any of my money. The woke are useless , entitled and lazy . They vote democrat because they want all for free!

  6. We need to rid the country of Companies like Blackrock

  7. The Home Depot vo founder might not be aware that their are elements within his company who are not subscribing to his conservative line. I've read about the "diversity, inclusivity " buzzwords in policy statements by some of his Canadian stores. It could be just that but most of the time the boundary creeps beyond traditional conservative lines.

  8. Dumber and dumber rules made by dumber and dumber politicians.

  9. I wouldn't trust a thing that comes out of Blackstone Corps mouthpieces. Nor those in the main stream media (sorry Fox News) who support the spread of this companies double speak to the masses. Blackstone Corp CEO's are not acting in the benefit or in the financial interests of of anyone but themselves and their business equity profit making generating machines. Note: Blackstone Inc. is an alternative asset management firm specializing in real estate, private equity, hedge fund solutions, credit, secondary funds of funds, public debt and equity and multi-asset class strategies. The firm typically invests in early-stage companies.

  10. This guy should have his own show

  11. WOKE real intention behind the fake meaning. War to Obliterate Kindness and Elysian.

  12. A bunch of mentally unstable people have highjacked the LGB group and turned it into a domestic terrorist organization. The insane extremism of the left is allowing people who should be in a hospital to make decisions that impact the majority of Americans.


  14. This peice completely skipped over the fact that wages have been stagnant since the 1980s while productivity and the cost of everything has skyrocketed. How about paying employees a living wage instead of lining the pockets of your shareholders. Did you notice the guest mentioned shareholders before employees twice? A rich crony….

  15. Woke is a joke
    When these entitled brats get old and realize the world that created does not have social security and they've never work hard to have anything they'll be single because none of them are interested in a relationship and they won't be able to live in their little RVs motorhomes or Vans because well they'll be banned

  16. I think it’s time for Home Depot to go

  17. What a good man he says it how it is

  18. As I approach 80, every day that I am actually still capable to work and have no trouble finding people who still consider my skills valuable. I LOVE working. Even though I am technically "retired" the idea of sitting around doing nothing is the most terrifying prospect I can possibly imagine. How can ANYONE enjoy that?

  19. Boycott all Hardstone companies. They're too "Wok." Boycott Nike, Adidas, Harvard, the "Wok Armed Forces, the IRS.

  20. Let the man finish, oh your masters might get mad ????

  21. It's funny that the founder of home Depot thinks with logic. But then I go to home Depot, and all the workers are woke employees, and tranny's..

  22. Perhaps they see the hypocrisy of the American government and multi national corporations. Sports stars making multi millions of dollars for playing games. Entertainment industry paying millions for movies ,tv, music. Wall Street making millions and then they expect people to work for little money and be a slave to enable this corrupt system to continue.

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