homedepot-Testing Downs and Stays at Home Depot

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homedepot-Testing Downs and Stays at Home Depot
homedepot-Testing Downs and Stays at Home Depot
  1. The old Hispanic guy says " What the Fuk!?!" Shakin his head!

  2. I actually went to home Depot and my buddy was in a wheelchair and I had to be in charge of his " Service dog " a o my goodness 🤦‍♀️
    We were in there for 2 hours his dog never listened to the owner or me and we were in home Depot for 2 hours and this dog was an overweight chow the dog should have been on the skateboard cause it got tired half way through ever isle . I will never do this ever again the dog was pointless for to come and more of a headache then help ful 🤦‍♀️and by the way he had this dog for 4 years sooo….. It should at least been able to listen to it's owner or me but it sure has hell knew what McDonald's ment that was the only way to get this dog to move . 🤦‍♀️

  3. Any chance people wear clothes anymore? It looks like this chick is just walking around in a bra bringing more attention to her than dog…

  4. Nice – train dogs at a home depot. The grand payout is that one customer is getting bite because it is not trained yet.

  5. Your dog don’t belong there and I would be pissed seeing that huge dog loose.

  6. My husband's gsd needs this training. She's a giant psycho

  7. That nice dog and the girl sure knows how treat the dog

  8. Shepherds are super easy to train.

  9. I fail to see why people insist on humanizing this mangy mutts.

  10. I had a job where I would go into peoples backyards for about 15 years and never really had a problem with dogs. Sometimes I would have to figure out a way to let dogs know that I am a friendly walking into their space. Pretty much is all about your demeanor.

  11. The dogs Like … Woman i can stay the whole day here as long the payments are coming… 😅

  12. I'm sure this is great training for the dog but please don't do this in a store. It doesn't matter if the dog is harmless. This is taking entitlement to a Karen-like level

  13. Yes but the fact still remains. You can’t handle aggressive or reactive dogs. Even your own!
    All you can do is teach a dog to sit stay and down, and that’s ONLY if you have treats in your hand. For God sake quit taking advantage of dog owners that don’t know any better than to actually listen to bull crap you are spewing.

  14. American Standard Dog Brainwashing

  15. Hey don’t do this inside of Home Depot or have your pets on top of the product! It’s a warehouse and there are machines that will kill and crush you or your dog because fluffy decided to get in the way.

  16. Dogs mind: 😵‍💫” it’s all for the food.” “ it’s all for the food.” “It’s all for the FOOD.” 😖 “ITS ALL FOR THE FOOD.”
    “FOOD.” 🫠😮‍💨

  17. Man this women is beautiful.

  18. some of us are there for materials to our jobs, go do that trash somewhere where we arent trying to cart huge piles of things around.

  19. Can a husky be trained like this?

  20. keep your dog at home, walking it down the street around other dogs and people, loud cars, trucks, would do the same, your taking advantage of the the store and disrespecting it

  21. I almost got bit once when I was using an electric pallet jack by one of these dogs in training, It reacted to a loud noise I made…..

  22. It's a FULLL! MOOOON!!! Tonnight.

  23. Stop wearing basically nothing for views

  24. Most people here didn't watch this because of the dog. Perfectly okay.

  25. Rumour has it there was a dog in this video, gotta be honest I didn’t notice it😎

  26. Now fellas what color is the cat ?

  27. Do not take your goddamn dogs in the fucking Home Depot that you’re fucking leash. Why do you people don’t understand what a leash is for. I love dogs with dogs attack out of the blue for weird reasons when people touch them because people are stupid.. If they’re not medical dogs, they do not belong in stores. Keep them fucking at home.

  28. The comments about her chest I mean it's breast everywhere,it's perverted for him to just stare

  29. Looks like a lawsuit to me

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