home depot-What Lowes and The Home Depot are Saying About Lumber Prices in 2023

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The Home Depot and Lowes are some of the largest lumber retailers in the world. Both of these companies recently held earnings calls with investors to discuss their 2022 performance and what they expect to see in 2023. They both discussed lumber prices and their perspective can give us a good understanding of where lumber prices are likely to go in the coming year.

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home depot-What Lowes and The Home Depot are Saying About Lumber Prices in 2023
home depot-What Lowes and The Home Depot are Saying About Lumber Prices in 2023
  1. Price fixing, anyone.

  2. I can tell you why lumber prices are so high.
    Lets take a look at Longview washington.
    2020-2021-2022-and now IN 2023
    FIRE'S 🔥????
    Crossing along the bridge looking down there's
    4 outgoing ships. ???
    There you be.? LOL.

  3. Good job, Dave. I live in a town in MT that has a saw mill. That mill has tons of wood ready to process and they never sell to the local area, but ship it out of town by rail or truck. I don't know from what country our timber is coming from.

  4. While investing during a period of higher inflation appeared daunting at first, I learned to navigate it by consulting with Joseph Sullivan Anderson, an investment analyst, who devised a strategy to shift my fixed-income investments that weren't providing adequate returns to a diverse portfolio that would provide higher returns.

  5. They tried to deny my dads military discount on plywood and 2×4 pt
    My dad was active for 23 years! What a smack in the face. Let just say I got his discount 😉

  6. my wife and i have been building our dream home of 2400sqf for the last 2 year's the entire frame is LVL the outer walls floors roof doors and door frame's are all 3/4 marine plywood 78k in lumber not one piece came from them do not buy over priced garbage from either of them go to a reputable lumber yard for quality lumber YOUR home and projects are only as good as the product & quality YOU put into them. it's that simple

  7. "Home Center" lumber is its own grade, and it is sold on its own margin — but, yeah, interest rates are killing lumber … forget supply, demand is dead. — look at futures (to begin with), not homecenter prices, for a producers' mood …

  8. They would have an astronomical amount of business if they would just lower their prices and quit being so greedy

  9. Instead of people like me being excited and doing add-ons, additions and remodels I am learning to live with what I have and that is just the way it's going to be here on out. I will not pay their prices for anything

  10. So bottom line if you’ve got projects that need lumber do it now

  11. It would make sense that lower lumber prices would encourage more building projects.. however high interest rates are forcing people to wait under most circumstances to start projects of any substantial size .

  12. How is the current climate not register in these earnings discussions. Current mortgage rates are stalling and will eventually kill most construction, rates will only rise hopefully slightly. Only private equity backed projects can weather this as most properties invested in will be rentals. Unless the housing market changes as home sales are still inflated, lower prices in lumber wont matter if not reflected in lower home sale prices. If rates and home cost skyrocketed without the partly manufacturered deman caused by saw mills, retailers would be in same boat. The common home buyers are starting to become scared of inflated homes costs and higher interest rates, along with quickly rising property taxes. Even if some can purchase now you are stuck if market were to stabilize.

  13. HD & Loews are ripping people off. What I didn’t hear in this video is how much products cost HD & Loews. I also didn’t hear about the profits they make by screwing people. Most industries are corrupt. The so called inflation is only caused by corporate GREED! There are no shortages or supply issues. Corporations are just raising prices due to their disgusting greed.

    Corporations did the same thing in the 1970s. They raised the prices of coffee, orange juice, gasoline and countless other products. This is why corporations MUST be regulated. Left unchecked corporations will steal every dollar in your wallet. I’m all for making profits but not obscenely destructive profits that hurt the entire country. Sadly, one political party is a 100% whore to corporations. That party is against all regulations. They are fools. When republican politicians speak to crowds of republicans they all cheer wildly when they are told the candidate will slash all regulations. Those idiots aren’t capable of thinking that every regulation that is cut hurts them. But they remain clueless. They have all been brainwashed into worshipping unrestrained capitalism like it was their god. In a pure capitalistic society only one company would remain. The most ruthless company led entirely by psychopaths would be the last company standing. Republicans say they are patriots and love freedom but they cluelessly give corporations complete control over their lives and rob them of their savings and their pocketbooks. Until those dolts wake up the US will continue its downward spiral. And republicans even want to turn the US into a theocracy imposing their demented Christianity on everyone else. They say they are against abortion citing the Bible but those fools haven’t even read the Bible. In Numbers 5 god dictates how to perform an abortion. And throughout the Bible the Christian god murders millions of pregnant women and terminates countless fetuses. I’ve never met or known of one Republican Christian who has even read the damned Bible. That book is the most deadly and destructive book ever written. It’s worse than all wars, weapons and diseases in world history. Christianity is a sick cult.

  14. Anyone notice the corporate spin with long, nonsensical responses instead of just saying “We’re stealing from hard working people because we are psychopaths”. Where do corporations find so many psychopaths who love to hurt others? It’s sick to realize there are so many people in society who would sell out their mothers to prostitution if they could make a dime off her. Corporations need to be heavily regulated and when corporations gouge people the executives in that company need to be thrown in jail. Sadly, executives are shielded from any crimes against people because they’ve been buying off politicians for generations. Those shields need to be removed so executives could face criminal charges and jail time for their abuses of others. Currently if a company commits a crime they just get fined. Then they just pass on the fines to the people so WE pay the fines, not them. That’s why executives must face punishments like losing their personal wealth and jail time. It’s all a big joke to them. They can steal at will and abuse as many people as possible with NO personal liability.

    Hey republicans, stop worshipping capitalism. I know you’ve been brainwashed into idolizing capitalism but how about thinking for the first time in your deluded lives?

  15. As long as the big guy got his 10 percent …..

  16. How about sheet rock ? A 4by 8
    1/2. In Being 15 dollars at Lowe’s. Washington Mo .

  17. He's talking about declining lumber prices? He must live in another country because I Haven't seen any decline anywhere except the local hardwood store. I shopped Red Oak at Lowes and I can get it for about 40% lower at the hardwood store and the quality is much better. I don't shop Lowes anymore because the decline in customer service and quality of products. Their lumber isn't even good enough for fire wood. Lowes has been hurting financially since before the Covid scare. Even though I get 10% discount at lows for being a Vet I will still shop at Home depot. Lowes tools are basically Craftsman junk and I will not buy their crap anymore. Home depots tool section is way better then Lowes. A board of Poplar 1/4 X2" x4' is almost $5 at Lowes and I can get Poplar at Hugh's hardwood for $3.95 a board foot. Won't be long before Lowes goes the same way as Home Base and others.

  18. This is misleading the price of a 2×4 stud was less than $2.. before covid. Before they price gouged everyone up to around $10. Just so they can not act like thing are better at $3+ for what was less than $2. And yes we put a lot of things on hold to let the price get back to where it should be.

  19. I've been a lumber retailer for 30 years. Lumber prices are pretty much bottomed out right now. My products are basically 1/2 the retail price they were last year. Right now, the biggest thig propping up prices is transportation costs. I don't see that ever decreasing. Higher wages and expenses in the lumber production industry are not going down either. I'm not sure why anyone is complaining about lumber prices right now, they are basically at 2019 levels and what other product can say that right now?

  20. Im sure poor little ol Home Depot will be just fine. They were charging $9 for rotten warped 2x4s less than a year ago. And its not like $4 is a steal either. They were making billions at that price and will probably continue to do so. They survived 2008. They can survive this.

  21. They export a lot of it out to asia..its all a scam

  22. Okay, I think I see what they're "bellyaching" about. During the previous year, when the lumber prices spiraled out of control, AND beyond the purchasing power of DIY'RS, and even some construction companies, which in many cases, led to projects that didn't get done, houses and God knows what else didn't get completed in a timely manner, or sometimes at all, the lumber they had pre-purchased at a bargain, and was selling at 3-5 times actual cost, suddenly stopped moving, when "Do'rs' couldn't afford to do jack sh!t." Which triggered the lumber prices to stabilize and then drop.

  23. They deserve this s***, with all the money they donated too democrat party.
    Do the smell of "unintendedconsequences"

  24. All I heard was a bunch of stuck up execs crying/talking out of their asses who know nothing really…

  25. A quarterly earnings calls are the last place you should go for reliable info. Its a dog & pony show for shareholders confidence and the so called analyst asking questions half the time are just driving a narrative for hedge fund they work for is long or short the stock.

  26. I've stopped even considering any projects because of the prices I saw last year. So get started on a project and have lumber skyrocket again? No thanks.

  27. If I want to get a house with heated areas of 2854 sq ft built, how can I calculate that before buying the house plans?

  28. Lowe’s and HD gouged consumers because they could.

  29. Housing market in many sub markets is crashing. Production builders are sitting on inventory that they can’t sell. In most metro areas in Texas, AZ , CA, other hyper inflated markets past three years.

  30. Huge shift in the economy is coming. Data scientists have been predicting that since last year. Fed is intentionally crashing the housing market in many, not all sub market. Especially where they did not have the hyper building boom.

  31. Greed, Corporations and corrupt politicians are leading American into a DEPRESSION! I basically quit H.D., when H.D. quit carrying American made products, they use to sell American Made that were about 15% higher and I would gladly pay for quality rather than imported JUNK.

  32. Lumber cost go down, but yet building prices are going up and up.

  33. I didn’t know they sold a straight board at HD….wouldn’t build a doghouse with their crap.

  34. Harry home owner crap!!!

  35. Here upstate N.Y. thank God for local sawmills. Repairing old houses 1800s I had no problem not using plywood! Just needed a few more nails & screws

  36. The video says loaded 3 was ago but is talking in many parts of the future of 2022. Relisted for more views or just not making sense. Pointless. I work in construction and framing and can say most of this video has come and gone long ago. Smh

  37. I'm NOT gonna pay a lot for that studler!

  38. Their bent wood should be a push for the come back of lumber mills.

  39. While I generally agree with your analysis Dave, I think your first argument for why lumber demand won't increase is a little off the mark. The fact that lumber prices were exorbinantly high for the last three years will probably provide some uplift rather than a drag on demand, due to pent-up demand. People refusing to pay inflated prices may return to the market as prices normalize. That said housing starts are way down and will likely be the bigger factor in determining demand in the back half of the year.

  40. Why will these people not speak English??? What are they trying to hide?

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