amazing-What's on my iPhone XS | Collab

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amazing-What's on my iPhone XS | Collab
amazing-What's on my iPhone XS | Collab
  1. I love your editing so much!! I’m awful at editing aha x

  2. Your phone is sooo much more organised than mine!!! Xx

  3. Nice video ,let’s support eachother!

  4. You have a hella apps! Great organizing skills lol

  5. I have so much music and pictures on my phone, I don't have room for any games or nothing 😩

  6. Your phone is so organized !!!

  7. My phone is a mess, I mean you have everything super organized, I try to keep it organized but currently is not and has so many editing apps that I havent learned to use yet, so I really have to do a declutter Lol

  8. My phone is just filled with images.

  9. Your voice is honestly so soothing

  10. You should call you car videos “My Car Series” or something. Love them

  11. You have sooo many apps lol great video!!

  12. Wow u have alot of apps, i wish i had thats much space,need to get a new phone

  13. I have so many apps on my phone

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