shutterfly collage maker-Build a Legacy Family History Book

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Learn to build a family history legacy book with the MyCanvas software by Alexanders.

shutterfly collage maker-Build a Legacy Family History Book
shutterfly collage maker-Build a Legacy Family History Book
  1. Wilma here is a link to another of this ladies videos I just found it has a link —

  2. For anyone else that comes by, wondering abt link to the course, I googled and found it at then follow the menu to "courses"

  3. To start $100.00 Seriously!

  4. Did you book just focus on one surname line or did you include branching surnames? How many generations back did you cover in your book?

  5. My book has taken 25 years so far to compile. It’s been written on Microsoft word software. It now needs editing and someone to proof read and we then need to know how to ISBN protect our work and how to publish it. Is it possible to find a publishing company rather than self publishing? Taking on this task has been a lng emotion mixed feeling but fulfilling experience with a lot of answers found as well as relatives. Our family it turns out are related to both Scottish and English Kings and Queens. But we are mostly from sound hard working miners and farmers with a few teachers and saddle makers and pub managers thrown in. It’s well worth the long expensive journey into where you come from and why you are you now. Your ancestors fought and died to give you this life after all. And aren’t they worth remembering and thanking for never giving in and supporting the future children that they can never know, that ultimately is you. WOW, it becomes some huge realisation about humanity and life. It’s become your great responsibility to bring them all together in your book, as like it or not they are your relations. They’ve given you your physical and mental strengths and weaknesses.

  6. Please checkout AncestralGenie it lets you publish books from your online genealogy research

  7. Please checkout AncestralGenie it lets you publish your online genealogy research

  8. your book is amazing. I would like to write one about my family, but I don't know what information to put or how to put it. I conducted an interview with my parents and uncles, so that they would tell me about my grandparents and what their life was like, but of course it was a question-answer questionnaire and I don't know how to write it …

  9. Don’t waste your time with mycanvas anymore the quality now is horrible they changed in the last year.

  10. We need new training videos for the new mycanvas! Where should we look?

  11. My Canvas has changed their software and no longer can create a book like the one created.

  12. Hey, everyone, we've got something new and exciting to help you build a family history book similar to the one you see in this video. Check out this video to learn more.

  13. These books were beautiful. I created 2 versions several years go, family members ordered them and bought one of each. They were expensive, but worth it. Recently I found that our old books have been deleted and the new options are woefully short of the old format. Fewer embellishments, frames don't snap-to images, fliping and shadowing images are no longer supported…much harder to manipulate than the old version 😞

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