How to Wash Your Backpack | L.L.Bean

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We design our school backpacks to last a long time, so we made them machine washable to help parents keep them looking like new. Test after test, our packs proved their durability. Now we’re ready to show you how easy it is to do it yourself!


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How to Wash Your Backpack | L.L.Bean
How to Wash Your Backpack | L.L.Bean
  1. where can we get the mesh bags? I've washed our backbacks before and the mesh bags look like a great idea to avoid tangling or rubbing on the sides

  2. You should sell the mesh bags in your store or include one with each backpack.

  3. Paula Geddes months ago I unsubscribed from L.L.Bean months ago but am still their Emails. Please UNSUBSCRIBE ME.

  4. I would suggest, drying the backpack inside the dryer. Hang the backpack along side the dryer door with the strap outside the door.
    Just like the shoe drying method with laces suspending the shoes on the dryer door.

  5. i’m soaking mine in my tub 😭 wish i had a garment bag that big

  6. My backpack has got charging port and headphone input
    Can you suggest a way for washing it?

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