Portraits from the Appalachian Trail | Stan Goldblatt | L.L.Bean Winter Speaker Series

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Professional photographer Stan Goldblatt was able to lure hikers off the Appalachian Trail with the offer of a hot meal in exchange for him to shoot a few images in his trailside studio. Stan shares his beautiful portraits of the hikers and the stories behind these amazing people.


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Portraits from the Appalachian Trail | Stan Goldblatt | L.L.Bean Winter Speaker Series
Portraits from the Appalachian Trail | Stan Goldblatt | L.L.Bean Winter Speaker Series
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  1. Stevie wander here. Thanks for the chili and the photo sir. Loved the presentation!

  2. Mr. Goldblatt, that's an excellent project you completed. Very interesting to see the photos along with your brief synopsis of each hiker. You and your wife clearly enjoyed hosting the hikers. Great job.

  3. Stan! What a great presentation! I hadn’t remember your taping out interview and it was so fun to watch and reminisce! I thoroughly enjoyed that afternoon and your hospitality and so appreciate the portraits. You sent my mom an 8 x 10 print (one of me smiling) for her birthday at my request since I couldn’t go shopping for a gift during my hike. She loved it! ~Left Turn

  4. Thanks for Sharing.

  5. Reply
    E-Z Rocks #Appalachiantrail #thruhike 2022 NOBO February 17, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Thanks for emailing me about this! Wish I had a copy of my photo from that day. The chili was amazing. Thank you 😊

  6. This is amazing stan thank you for doing this. I was only a section hiker but I met many of these people and it brought back fond memories, and reminded me that I would really like to thru hike the AT soon.

  7. Stan! Thank you so much for this project. It has been so cool to see where it has taken you over the years. Thanks for being awesome! <3 Bloodroot

  8. Fascinating and fun. Thanks so much for showing us these terrific and admirable people and giving us a glimpse into what it's like for them to walk the Appalachian Trail. Love how the still photos reveal so much of the hikers' characters.

  9. Stan, Thank you so much! Really inspiring-

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