Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas To Me / Haul /Gift Ideas

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A few things from my birthday last month that may make some good last minute gift ideas in addition to a splurge or two for myself this Christmas.

Zales Marilyn Monroe Collection:
LL Bean Slippers:
Merrell clogs:
Trish brow:
Trish Gel Liner:
Trish eye palette:

(I couldn’t find the mini planner on Nordstrom’s site, so I’ve linked the larger one, as well as HSN’s version of the mini.)
Trish planner:
HSN Planner:

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Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas To Me / Haul /Gift Ideas
Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas To Me / Haul /Gift Ideas
  1. First to comment! Yay :). You’re wearing your hair in my favorite style on you!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈Loved all of your goodies😊 I usually attend The Nordstrom Holiday Party, but I had a bad cold this year😞 They are doing the 10-points now so I’m making up for it, ha, ha! You look so beautiful, and your hair, is just GORGEOUS!! Do you do a color and highlights on top? I love it!!!

  3. Swoozie Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to YOU ❤️. I LOVE that Marilyn Monroe Pendant so so pretty. And I need that adorable Trish planner. Love ya, Xx Jennifer ❤️

  4. Happy birthday & Merry *Christ*mas, Swoozie! I am a firm believer in sheepskin slippers & have 2 pairs I've had for years. They've been washed dozens of times & I let them air dry. I looked at the LLBean ones after watching this (currently a 20% off coupon on rakuten) but reviews mentioned that quality's gone way downhill this past year, boohiss. Years ago, Born had a sheepskin clog that I loved for work! I need great arch support. Blessings! Jackie in upstate NY

  5. DANG IT…I got you UGGS for Christmas!!! ROFLMBO You bought Trish McEvoy…SEE??? LOL I don't believe they are all that! Send them to me so I can see! ROFLMBO You know I can think of a fun collab that I can't afford to do with you LOL We could swap loves for a look…you do Lancome and I'll do Trish but unless somebody else bought them that's out of the question huh? LOL Love you girl…love your stuff 😀 xoxo Mary

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday Beautiful! 🍰 I love to see you so happy. Some of the best gifts are the ones we get for ourselves. I need to check out that MM collection. Merry Christmas!

  7. I was in the T J Max …. oh maybe a month ago and found a pair of black Merrils … they didn't have the fuzzy lining but for $39. …. I was fine with that …. Love them …. !!! …… Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas ….. Hugs ….. Shirlene

  8. oh gosh I just love all of it. Very Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

  9. I am just so sick with something ugly…just cannot be clever…only updating you on my lousy condition! Thanks for the distraction, though!

  10. Happy birthday! Congratulations on all your gifts. My local Nordstrom stopped having those private holiday events a few years back. They don’t carry enough variety in their store to have a special event as I’ve been told. That mini purple planner is adorable! I’m glad to were able to get that for yourself. Oh and that Marilyn Monroe necklace is just special! Thank you for sharing Swoozie! Sybil 🐾

  11. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Swoozie !!I do you love that little purple planer❤️❤️

  12. Happy birthday beautiful Swooze! You shared so many amazing things! The necklace is so fun! I love Trish too, wonder why more people don't talk about her amazing quality makeup?! Hope you're enjoying that gorgeous snow! Have a great rest of your week! XOXO Michelle

  13. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! 🎉🎄
    Great picks – I was wondering if you were going to get some version of the Trish purple planner – yay, you did, it’s so cute!
    The Merrell look so cozy. I’ve seen that brand here, I should look at it a little more closely. Although, I know I have a pair of slippers like the first pair you showed in my winter FabFitFun box which I have had for probably two weeks and haven’t opened. I’m bad like that – I won’t open my FabFitFun until I feel I’ve accomplished enough and deserve a little treat. No treat for me at this point in time lol 😂 🤣

  14. Happy Birthday 🎂🎉 to you and Merry Christmas 🎄. Greetings from across the pond.

  15. You look just gorgeous. Rich girl hair! You haven’t bought any Trish for awhile. Good time to buy the planner. Your Marilyn dress necklace is so pretty. I didn’t know there was a Marilyn collection. Diamonds are a girls best friend! Love you, Lucy

  16. Your hair looks FANTASTIC today!

  17. Happy Birthday to you!! Love you background Swoozie! Merry Christmas. xo Cathy

  18. Happy belated birthday 🎂 Lol, I see you were as strong as I was. It’s a beautiful planner. Merry Christmas to you and your family 😊

  19. Happy belated birthday, and Merry early Christmas. Love your cute purple planner. I have never liked going barefoot. My house shoes are right next to my bed. Enjoyed seeing your gifts., Swoozie. Blessings, and love..MaryEllen

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