Top 5 Best Niches For Selling on Ebay In 2022

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Top 5 Best Niches For Selling on Ebay In 2022
Top 5 Best Niches For Selling on Ebay In 2022
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  1. Another Niche I have done well with is tools… Mainly specialty tools.

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    We Collect Wrestling January 8, 2022 at 9:11 pm

    I kick myself everytime I see that Pokémon Board game. Was a Christmas present but since…. Played and gone…. Oh well life about learning and improving. Found a $2 D&D 5th edition book and sold for $30 free shipping. We make it up!!

  3. Thank you I am new to reselling but really want to step it up. How can I go about finding out what is selling? I know you can tick the sold items but how specific do you have to be on the types of items?

  4. Very good selection of categories.. love the last tip haha 😆

  5. I sold a board game for $190 that I got at a moving sale for free

  6. Awesome video! I try to learn a bit of everything but I’m focused more on toys, stuffed animals, die cast cars and Starbucks mugs. My sales hasn’t dropped after Christmas. Love reselling, love to source, list and ship items. 2022 will be great year. Feeling way more confident after almost a year reselling.

  7. I disagree with dvds I’ve listed loads and cheap (almost at a loss) but none hardly sell the rest i can agree with ,,toys do pretty well and electronics always sell well

  8. Board game was my fastest selling item second to a glass bottle.
    The forbidden bridge game sold for over $100 in under 20mins. I got it for .99 at goodwill and was missing 2 rubies.

    BOLO The forbidden bridge 💯

  9. How are u getting past the documents needed to sell dvds on Amazon

  10. I just started on Amazon fba. Omg I love it. I send it in. They do all the work!! I got so many wind in the willows complete seasons new! On Amazon thier going for 60 a set. I got every one of them for 5 dollars. 7 sets. But I am not ungated. So I have to sell them on eBay. And also I got 5 sets sealed of danger mouse!! For 5 dollars a set. People looked at my at good will and asked me what I was going to do with all these sets. I am like hmmmm. Selling them. Lol

  11. Does it have to specific games and electronics and toys?

  12. Great content as always!

  13. Thanks!!! I'm just starting and this helps a lot!!!!

  14. Ebay use to do tha pictures finding do you know what happenedn to that

  15. You just bought two Disney board games from me on Mercari! Okay I just learned that I need to not be so intimidated by EBay. I could have raked in some serious profit!!!Thanks for this info 😉

  16. I just got a misprinted Disney princess book. I love reselling books.

  17. that sourcing handbook may just help me, Im new at this game but I suck at sourcing. I go into a thrift store and I get so overwhelmed I look and look but i just have no idea what to buy. I wouldn't know vintage button up shirt if it kicked me in the face. lol. The only other thing is Im in canada and it's not quiet the same brands here too. but really want to make a go at it and be a stay at home/work from home mom with my own thing. Ill give your handbook a shot can;t hurt. sourcing guide for idoits lol (that would be me. anyway enjoying your content..

  18. Ebay is gonna be screwed by the IRS. 2022 sales will go down 75%

  19. Hey babe, it's Garage Sale Dale from Miami..yup, thrift stores have jacked up their price because of multiple reasons.. #1- blabber mouths at the stores telling all the workers what they find and what it's worth..#2-Reselling videos on YouTube and other online platforms about making thrift stores started catching on and little by little the thrift stores became thrift Retail…only way to get good deals is pretty much Garage Sales and maybe goodwill by the pound warehouses

  20. do you know anything about Shop Airlines America, Inc? Have you googled them or researched them? I encourage anyone who sells through Ebay to read some of the feedback/complaints about that forwarding shipper.

  21. I sold a new board game the other day for about $68. It's one of the few new games that Amazon doesn't restrict me on. I'd love to sell used board games on eBay, but how in the world do you find the time to deal with all the missing parts, counting everything, etc that comes with the territory?

  22. idk how someone’s gonna go to ebay and buy a 100$ board game

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