9 Best Men's Shoes for Fall & Winter 2019 | Boots, Sneakers, Slip Ons and More

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Looking for the best fall and winter shoes? Look no further! In this video, I’ll share 9 types of men’s shoes that are perfect for fall and winter. Whether you like sneakers, boots, slip ons or something else, you’ll definitely get some new ideas from this fall/winter shoe guide.

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▪ New Balance 574 →
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9 Best Men's Shoes for Fall & Winter 2019 | Boots, Sneakers, Slip Ons and More
9 Best Men's Shoes for Fall & Winter 2019 | Boots, Sneakers, Slip Ons and More
  1. Black Cordovan Balmorals by Carmina. One day.

  2. What accent do you have Brock?

  3. feelin the ranger mocs. they remind me of visvim's. one of my favorites.

  4. Dear brock, loved this new setup and video

  5. A. Great hair Brock, keep it growing out.
    B. Thanks for featuring us and our loafers! Wool socks with the loafers is a great combo for the cooler months.

  6. Can you make a video on your workout routine?

  7. Love that crewneck, Brock. Everlane, Peter Manning, or otherwise?

  8. I live in southern California. I wear white minimalist sneakers through fall (and maybe winter). Okay?

  9. The calfskin leather chukka dress boot is often overlooked, but when the silhouette is sleek enough, it can replace an Oxford in formality in my opinion. Good even with a suit unless it’s a wedding or a court date.

  10. 1) i like some of the suggestions you have. i love the thursday chelsea boots. looks amazing. some of the outfits showcased are cool too.
    2) what i don't like is that some of your shoes look super beat up. if i were you, i'd replace them. or only wear them on lazy days when looking good isn't a priority.
    3) another thing is that i don't think the colour of the socks look good with the loafers and the navy pants. yes, it could be complementary to the pants, but i don't think it works well with the shoes. i think something more neutral would look better. i do like loud/unconventional socks, but not when so much of the socks are exposed. in my humble opinion, they work better when the pants move up and not constantly visible. cheers!

  11. Well timed advice on shoes and boots that perfectly co-ordinate with fall and winter outfits. The footwear choices make you appreciate cooler to cold weather!

  12. Another sweet list! I'll make sure to bust out my loafers a few times this season.

  13. Thanks. Man. !!! You. Nailed. It. !!!

  14. Not in here Brock. In here we're preparing for monsoon season. Its means umbrella, poncho and flip flop. Maybe I wear my leather chukka boot and Chelsea. Start stashing my dress shoes. Love your channel Brock!

  15. Winter is already here in the Midwest my man! What’s your go-to winter boot?

  16. Hey Brock, love your videos/advice! I just recently noticed that Express now sells men's casual button downs in "Short", so I ordered them in a recent 40% off sale. I'm about 5' 7", 145lbs athletic – the sleeve lengths were right on the money, and the overall length of the shirt is the best I've seen. Personally, a size 4 at PMNYC was a bit too short when wearing lower rise jeans/chinos.
    Just thought you might be interested/want to do a review yourself. Keep up the awesome work!

  17. hey man, great vid as always, but where did you get those glasses? they kick ass

  18. Yo, Mod-man how have you been lately,& before I forget TheBestOf TheHolidaySeason's to & your family okay. Hoping that everything is all
    copacetic with you!


  20. Dressy boats are to real working boats (like Nicks), as a 300 m water 💧 resistant watch is to a 30 m water resistant watch.

    It allmost allways works, except in the real deal, even better at the beach.

  21. Brown is the nicest color but a black pair is always nice to.

  22. I love Timova Boots, they are great for winter because they have fur inside

  23. well damn dude ! 3 minute ad ? dafuq

  24. Love your vids. Can't wait for Summer

  25. The Greats Pronto with the updated midsole is one of my favorite and most comfortable casual sneakers. it a shame they stopped producing them..

  26. Just subscribed to your channel and honestly your content is a nice change from the other fashion/lifestyle out there, love your stuff man!

  27. Can never hear “Winter is coming” without unnecessary Scottish-ish accent.

  28. Wait, are you the type to leave your shoes tied and just slip them on and off?

  29. Great content! What do you think of double monkstraps in the wintertime ?

  30. Another great video but I have to make one tiny point. A Blucher is not the same as a Derby.

  31. How much does a haircut cost where you live?

  32. really appreciate all these videos…you have made quite a few and have watched all of those but now i am really confused about belts..!!!! would really appreciate if you ever decide to make a video on that topic…cheers..!!!!

  33. i just hate the look of loafers and moccasins.

  34. nice video.
    who have extra or used shoes can gift to me . i need it . i wear size uk10.
    please please please

  35. What happened with that diesel boot review you promised here? 😀

  36. Yeap , loafers are quite vesatile , my favorite is the penny , and tassel The penny in Chile you can wear it with business casual , A blazer plus a jean and nice shirt

  37. I’m retooling at 49 and love the boot styles that are out. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the choices of boots and clothes seeing I need all of it. Not sure if shoes is where I should start?

  38. I’m not sure if you ever made that review on the grant stone boots. I’m interested in your thoughts I’m thinking of getting a pair

  39. I got that aiden for $14, im just lucky to be lived in Indonesia where a lot of international manufactur, sometimes have remain export products or minor defects that they sold to reseller for cheap. J crew, bonobos, ralph lauren, banana republic, gap, old navy, hnm you name it.

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