A Classic Coat style that Makes EVERY Outfit Look Fabulous & 100K thank you! | Classy Outfits

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A camel coat is so classic and chic it really can make every outfit look fabulous. In this video I have loads of outfit inspiration on ways that a camel coat can be worn in the fall & Autumn.

If you stay watching until the end I also have a BIG thank you for you all.

I’m wearing:
White Blazer UK
White Blazer US
Satin Top UK
Satin Top US
Black Bag ( shown throughout) KIM STAMPATTO 11”
Neutral Bag AVA CROCO 11”
(Right) Nude Shoes

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My Camel Coat (throughout) Zara – last season
Camel Scarf / Shawl
White Shirt
White Shirt
Nude Boots
Red Bag UK
Red Bag US
Camel Coat 1
Camel Coat 2
Camel coat 3 UK
Camel coat 3 US
Camel coat 4
Camel Coat 5
Camel coat 6


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A Classic Coat style that Makes EVERY Outfit Look Fabulous & 100K thank you! | Classy Outfits
A Classic Coat style that Makes EVERY Outfit Look Fabulous & 100K thank you! | Classy Outfits
  1. Gemma you are fabulous!! Don’t ever give up on your channel, we appreciate what you do! I’ve learned so many ideas from you.

  2. I really love you style ,Simple yet classic and sophisticated ,keep safe ♥️

  3. Your videos are up to the point. Because of that, I’m inspired to wear my nice clothes that stayed in my closet for too long. It’s uplifting.

  4. Down to earth very watchable unlike many who just ramble on an on

  5. Just discovered your channel and it's given me a whole new way of looking at what I wear. I've never had much idea of what to wear or what suits my height and shape, so your advice has helped a lot, many thanks.

  6. Congratulations and so glad you did not give up! I discovered your videos only yesterday and love them. I love your concise way of talking us through, no word is lost. I adore the fact that your videos are short yet so informative. Your styling ideas and pictures are valuable. Thank you very much!

  7. Found this channel a couple weeks ago and you have helped me figure out how to put together the pieces I already have in my closet in a smart and classy way. I’ve had a lot of fun reinventing my wardrobe by adding the scarves & shoes you show in many of your photos. I also screenshot and add them to my What to Wear board. I’m glad you didn’t give up!

  8. Great channel, super ideas! 👍 Tks!

  9. I just ordered a camel coat last night (heading to autumn here) so this video is totally what I need!

  10. I Love watching your videos. You have taught me so much on how to style outfits and look classy. I can't thank you enough!

  11. You are the best thank you!!! I’ve learned so much!!!

  12. You look very beautiful in the outfit you're wearing. Absolutely stunning. I love your channel and videos and always look forward to your uploads. Much love to you.

  13. I wish the photos were tagged with the website so we can shop the items

  14. Hi Gemma, because of you I finally purchased my first camel coloured coat 🤗! And I also purchased the 2 tone shoes you mentioned from M&S. I love re- watching this video as I get so many new ideas each time. Love love love your channel❤️❤️❤️

  15. I just watched it and at this time you have 189k almost the double that you mentioned. Congratulations and thanks for inspiring me to be classy and elegant which I love it, greetings from Mexico city good luck and blessings 😁

  16. Love your combos. Thanks for all of your work.

  17. Ok just looked at the website in USA not a bad price for the belt camel coat. Thanks Gemma

  18. Wow what a story. What was the video that took off and why did it.

  19. I know this is an old video.. but because your advice is so classy and simple.. I come back often.. because it is still applicable 💜🌺🙏🏽

  20. Your all black and red back looks amazing 👌

  21. Glad you didn’t give up Gemma, the secret of your success is that you don’t go on and on repeating yourself and going into non relevant details like some other fashion bloggers. You always keep it simple, about the clothes and not about you .Well done !

  22. I would add camel with blue shirt and blue jeans

  23. Thank you for your videos ☺️ I’m wondering if a camel wool coat can be used in summer, instead of a trenchcoat?

  24. So glad you didn't give up. You have a great talent in combining colours and styles in ways that look not just elegant, but always pulled together. Your suggestions are also practical and can be used by anyone. There are certain basic principles you follow that can be applied by all. I bought a Breton sweater from Uniqlo 2 weeks ago after your suggestion, and I can't believe how many ways I've been able to wear it. I've always admired English dressing; it's always so neat and practical while still being beautiful. Kate Middleton is such a good example of this style, and so are you.

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